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Please help us to further develop our Restharrow Scrape nature reserve.
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We own and rent several areas around the Sandwich Bay estate which our voluntary conservation team manage under the direction of the conservation committee for the benefit of the flora and fauna of the area.

webThe jewel in the crown is Restharrow Scrape which was created in 2002. Subsequent to our recent award from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and public donations, SBBOT has now purchased this area for further development. It is an ideal place to watch Lapwings and Little Grebes raise their broods, and in 2018 Avocets bred here for the first time. Hares can be seen boxing in the adjacent grassland and many smaller birds such as Linnets and Wagtails come to drink and bathe. Find more about out plans HERE.

On the opposite side of the road is Restharrow Dunes Nature Reserve. The area has considerable entomological, botanical, geological and ornithological interest. One of the main reasons for attracting grant-aid was the occurrence of a tiny moth, a leaf miner on the rare Dwarf Willow, Stigmella zelleriella, found nowhere else in Great Britain. It is primarily a botanical reserve of grazed dune grassland with the three gullies, the Elm plantation and a triangle of land planted to support migrant birds.

The Elms

The Elms

Recent projects include a dragonfly pond with hedgerow for birds around it and a developing wildflower meadow by the Whitehouse.

All of these areas are accessible to the public.  A map can be obtained from the Field Centre or by clicking on the following links: SBBOT Reserves or SBBOT recording area or join us any Sunday morning at 9.00 for a guided walk around the area.

When visiting our reserves we request that you respect the wildlife and put it first.  Please stick to our Disturbance and Invertebrate Collecting Policies. You can access them HERE.