Our small meeting room (The Green Room) and the large lecture hall are available to hire.

The Green Room has an interactive white board plus a separate wall-mounted white board and can sit up to 20. The door can be closed to maintain privacy from the Field Centre.

The Lecture Hall can sit up to 80 in a lecture format or around tables. It has a large pull down projector screen and is separated from the shop area by a curtain.

WIFI and online computer access is available as well as a digital projector and speaker system.

Please note that the Field Centre is open to the public from 10.00 - 16.00 and may be used by our members at any time.

Prices per day:

Green Room £25.00 Lecture Hall £50.00

Rates include use of tea and coffee making facilities. An additional charge of £30 will be made if you wish to use the kitchen for cooking and food preparation.

Make A Booking

Please contact us by e-mail to make an enquiry

The hall
The hall
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Meeting or classroom
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