SBBOT believes that everyone needs exposure to nature and that everyone deserves the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural world; it's known for its healing and stress relieving potential and, at times, it can be downright exciting.

We are doing everything we can to encourage participation from all parts of the community. We are doing what we can to improve mobility and other disability access and encourage everyone to enjoy nature's wonders.

We recently acquired a mobility scooter that visitors can hire. We are working hard to make paths and gateways easier for everyone with mobility issues.

We are also working hard to ensure that everyone who comes to the field centre is welcomed and feels accepted and appreciated.

We welcome questions and other feedback from users and potential users as those of you with physical and other issues will know best what can be done to help you access our reserves and field centre.

Whenever we contemplate change and development we try to ensure that all access is considered before plans are drawn up.

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