The dragonfly pond, created in 2012, is situated within a grazed field with the aim of attracting Odonata. Over 15 species of dragonfly and damselfly have been found around the pond! The Jubilee Field contains a range of shrub flora species including Hawthorn, Dog Rose, Blackthorn, Crab Apple, Rowan, and Hazel. The dense bushes provide habitat for breeding thrushes and Linnets whilst the habitat mats on the edges are good for reptiles.

Find the Dragonfly Pond and Jubilee Field on our Reserves map HERE

Dragonfly Pond Field (photos by Steffan Walton)

In spring, early Odonata such as Variable Damselflies can be seen between April and August, although difficult to spot and identify. Broad-bodied Chasers are much more easily identified by their wide body and yellow side spots. The pool sometimes provides respite for Green Sandpipers and Barn Owls hunt the meadows.

Dragonfly Pond by Steffan Walton

In summer, Ruddy Darter and Emerald and Small Red-eyed Damselflies are found around the pond whilst Emperor Moth larvae and Forester moths have been seen here recently too. Whitethroats feed their young around the edges of the field whilst Oystercatcher have been known to nest among the damper rushes in the field.

Turtle Dove seed mix planted in the Jubilee Field

In autumn, some late lingering species such as Black-tailed Skimmers may still be around and Whinchats will flit from fence post to fence post. Winter may see the odd Coot and wildfowl species on the pond and the neighbouring fields can be full of Curlew and Stock Dove flocks.

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