A message from Bill Oddie, President of Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory Trust:

I am totally addicted to Bird Observatories. Without any doubt at all, the majority of my fondest memories of early days birding were spent at observatories in various parts of Britain, and – equally certainly – it was at these places that I fully came to appreciate that there was far more to the study of birds than simply “ticking them off.”One of the most regrettable consequences of the ever escalating obsession with “twitching” is that fewer people these days are prepared to spend time at observatories (apart from nipping in whenever a rarity is found). Fortunately, however, this trend has not meant that such places have had to close down.

If anything, I really think the people who do run and visit them have developed a new found determination. The work that observatories do – ringing and studying birds continues to be of paramount scientific importance. So does the conservation effort.


In addition, I truly believe that there is no more satisfying way of developing birdwatching knowledge and skills. And finally, I happen to think that bird observatories offer a splendid social opportunity: people living, working and indeed enjoying themselves together. In fact, I believe that we are about to witness a resurgence of observatory popularity.

I have long been proud to be President of Sandwich Bay.

Bill Oddie.

Vice Presidents

Ken ChapmanMike SykesJohn Websper

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