Natural History Courses

Natural History Courses

Broaden your knowledge of the natural world with SBBOT’s friendly and knowledgeable team.

The Sandwich Bay area bears the following national and international nature conservation designations: SSSI, SAC, SPA and RAMSAR.

The Bird Observatory is the perfect place to get up close and personal to the area’s fauna and flora, whilst also offering comfortable accommodation.

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Dainty Damselfly Walk

On Saturday 5th June 2021 our Warden led a free members-only walk to see the Dainty Damselfly colony at Sandwich Bay.

Dainty Damselfly (Dainty Bluet) Coenagrion scitulum is a species rather local throughout its range, occurring in France, northern Iberia and eastwards to Iran. It is slowly expanding northwards and has colonised Belgium and the Netherlands.

In the UK it was present only in Essex during 1946-1952 but then lost due to coastal flooding and thought nationally extinct until rediscovered in 2010 in northern Kent. It was thought to be restricted to four small pools on the Isle of Sheppey with no general access.

However, to everyone’s surprise, it was discovered at Sandwich Bay in small numbers in 2019. These were the first sightings from mainland Britain in almost 70 years. Subsequent surveys in 2020 revealed at least 180 individuals, thought to represent approx. 80% of the UK population.

Interest in the discovery has been high since the news was released to the public last year. Members of SBBOT were given the first chance to see this extremely rare species. The Warden was on hand to guide members to the site and walk through the identification process of the Dainty Damselfly (and other species present on the day).

We hope to offer these walks again in 2022 so watch this space.