Restharrow Scrape Project

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has already donated time, materials, expertise and funds however large or small to the project.

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Lapwing Chicks by Don Wilks

With your incredible support, a grant from the Banister Trust and a donation from Royal St. George’s Golf Club we have now raised over £147,000.

This means that we have made a big step forwards to achieving the first of our targets – to buy the land. But there is still much to do.

We have sent in our application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for help with the whole project, which is costed at just over £340,000. For this bid we needed to show we have at least £240,000 without depleting our financial reserves too far. With grateful thanks for a few last minute donations of one sort and another we managed this.

We have also submitted our Planning Application so please keep your fingers crossed for the outcome of both of these.

We will need to continue our fundraising once the land is purchased to ensure we can afford to do all that we are planning.

Our exciting opportunity to secure the future of Restharrow Scrape, a local Nature Reserve, for Wildlife is closer to fruition now that we have submitted our HLF application and our Planning Application.

A big thank you already for your donations of £10, £20, £50 etc.

You might also like to consider our Adopt-a-Plot Scheme

See our donation form here: Restharrow Scrape Donation Form

There are 400 hypothetical plots available for a donation of £250 each.

Why not band together with friends to adopt a plot?

An incredible 189 plots have been adopted so far!

So we only need 11 more plots to be adopted to reach 50% of our target.

Available plots are shown below (adopted plots are in red):

adopt a plot 189

 Other ways to help this project…

  • A2 Posters on sale in our shop for £5. All proceeds go towards the project. (Thanks to Nick Smith for the design).
  • A3 Posters now available – only £1!
  • If you have other ideas for fundraising activities, especially any that you would be willing to lead on, please contact the Chair of the Restharrow Scrape Fundaising committee Sally Hunter at

The Plan

Sunset at Restharrow Scrape by Keith Motion

The Scrape is at present a very popular part of what we offer at Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory. We really hope you will be willing to help us in our long-held dream of securing this piece of wildlife habitat for the future.

Below is the basic plan that was submitted with the Planning Application to Dover District Council.


Development idea for the Scrape (click to enlarge)

Development idea for the Scrape (click to enlarge)

With your help we intend to purchase the Scrape field to secure it’s future and develop it further to benefit the flora and fauna in the area. As you can see from the map above, we are hoping to extend the Scrape, creating a larger sanctuary for wildlife with a huge focus on nesting birds. New islands and shingled areas will create more habitat for wetland species, hopefully increasing numbers of breeding Waders such as Avocet.

Deepened areas will mean we have more water present during dry spells, ensuring there is habitat available for not only breeding birds but a whole host of aquatic life dependent on this type of environment. The creation of a Wildflower Meadow will provide an additional area for pollinators, which could also benefit Turtle Doves, Finches and Buntings, and will also include the installation of Barn Owl nestboxes. Members and visitors will be able to enjoy views of the scrape not only from our existing hide, but hopefully from a second hide with other development plans including the creation of a Sand Martin Bank.


John Hollyer for designing the project’s logo and contributing his original art work for use in this appeal.


  • The Art Auction on 26th October raised £4000. Thank you to Kevin Hall for volunteering his time and expertise as auctioneer, and Becky for organising, and everyone else for donations of art, craft and cakes, helping before, on and after the day and especially for bidding for the artworks.
  • A huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended, contributed and organised our Plant Sale on Sunday 10th June. We raised an incredible £520+ for the appeal!
  • THANK YOU to Pam Worrall for the donation of £85 from the Bat Walk on 25th August.
  • At our Open Day on 26th August 6 plots were adopted and over £160 given in donations to the appeal. Thank you to everyone who gave so generously.
  • Thanks to everyone who completed one of our questionnaires. We had 175 responses which were both overwhelmingly positive and had good ideas for the development phase.
  • Thanks to Richard Taylor-Jones. His talk and generous raffle prize realised £1100.
  • Thanks to our WEX group we have raised £25 from the sale of the hedgehog hibernation box.
  • Huge thanks to Royal St. George’s Golf Club current captain Mark Batten for choosing us as his charity for his golf day on Friday 26th September. Thanks to all the players and supporters who donated to this day. The final figure is a magnificent £35,000. THANK YOU.
  • The Bangers and Mash quiz raised £1000 so thank you to all who helped spud bash and cook and wash up and attended and bought raffle tickets.
  • We received £248 from Waitrose in Ramsgate. So thank you to all who shopped there and put their token in for us.