Restharrow Scrape Project

Lapwing Chicks by Don Wilks

 IT IS HAPPENING! The development work to improve the Scrape for wildlife and people is beginning. The first stage is the excavation works on the Scrape itself. So…PLEASE NOTE: the Scrape area will be completely closed from 19th August for up to  4 weeks for health and safety reasons while Ovendens dig and mould to our specifications to create our enlarged and, in places, deepened Scrape. Following this there will be other short periods when the Scrape area will be closed to allow the installation of the new hide and extended path and disabled parking spaces. We will publicise the closures as far ahead as we can.

The plans and more details are available to view on the progress page below and in the Field Centre on displays and in the Restharrow Scrape file at the rear of the main hall. EXCITING TIMES!

You can follow the progress in many ways and may feel willing to offer help.

There is a file at the back of the main hall with the record of the project so far. This includes the notes from the many meetings and photos of the progress.

Our Planning Application has been approved.

We have been awarded the National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of £99,500

We have now purchased the land

Many development meetings have been held.

We now need to continue our fundraising to ensure we can afford to do all that we are planning within the whole project, which is costed at just over £340,000.


A big thank you for your donations of £10, £20, £50 etc.