SBBOT: Assistant Warden

Introducing Becky Downey, our Assistant Warden

Hello all, I’m Becky, a 24-year-old nature enthusiast (of course). I have recently graduated from University College London from my Masters of Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation, completing research projects on both birds and bats. I have been a lover of wildlife since a child and always knew I would end up working outdoors with animals and people. Whilst at university, both during my undergraduate and masters, I volunteered within my university’s Roots and Shoots group (a branch of the Jane Goodall institute), delivering sustainability and wildlife workshops to primary schools around London, focusing on bees and other urban wildlife, and getting the opportunity to meet Jane Goodall herself – twice! After my undergraduate I spent 6 months as an intern for the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, tracking and monitoring birds across the forests of Mauritius, and getting to work with some amazing species. I then spent 8 months before my masters working in an Adventure Playground, engaging local young people in a host of environmental based activities around their urban environment and increasing the biodiversity of the playground itself. I am very excited to combine my love and experience of bird ecology and community engagement within this role as an Assistant Warden, and am also excited to move to Kent and become a part of the SBBOT community too.