Welcome to our new video series, based on the complex question, “What is conservation?”. Our former Assistant Warden, Becky, created some engaging videos, aimed at ages 7-11 (however can be enjoyed by everyone)! These videos will be part of a series, addressing different aspects of conservation through short, easy to follow stop animation films.





Below are a selection of videos by Michael Maloney and his team at Countrywide Productions. They aim to show different aspects of nature in an informative and educational way. These videos can be used in conjunction with teachers notes, and can be adapted for different levels of learning, or simply watched and enjoyed!

Life in a Pond - (teachers notes)

The Bluebell Wood - (teachers notes)

Feathers - (teachers notes)

The Dragonfly - (teachers notes)

How do birds feed - (teachers notes)

Pollnation and seed dispersal - (teachers notes)

Newly added

(September 2023)

The Robin

A few facts about a very special bird who holds a unique place in folklore and the culture of the United Kingdom

Looking for a Home

It is not just us that is looking for a home to live, but birds are finding it just as difficult in an environment which doesn't always protect, nurture or respect the natural world.

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