Thank Yous

A big thank you to all:

for your donations of £10, £20, £50, for donations of plants, cakes and art etc, for adopting plots (206 out of 400 adopted so far) and most importantly – for supporting us in so many ways in this exciting project.



For their support for the Restharrow Scrape Development Project and the magnificent sum of £99,500 towards this.

  • Thank you to all of the Conservation team including the extra people who have helped with the refurbishment of the old hide and fencing etc to prepare the Reserve for it’s re-opening: Mike Briggs, Kevin Button, Pete Dean, Nick Douet, Mike Gidley, Dave Goddard, Alistair Henderson, Paul Hoffman, Sharon Irvine, John James, Malcolm Kirkaldy, Nelica LaGro, Beth Laker, Danny Lang, Bill Martin, Duncan McLean, Tony Palmer, Mike Perkins, Richard Pilcher, Steve Reynaert, Glen Sharman, Lesley Smith, Nick Smith, Dave Smoker, Matthew Thirkettle, Russell Thompson, Claire Ward, Terry Wood, Jeff Wynn.
  • JNH logoJohn Hollyer for designing the project’s logo and contributing his original art work for use in this appeal.




  • Thank you to the 4 trustees, 10 other members, WEX group, Mencap group and a young visitor for the contributions to the fascinating Back Wall display for June. You can see their contributions here: Reflections on Restharrow Scrape. And the items are now in a display folder at the back of the Lecture Hall.

Ellen Mary

  • The river trips on 14th May 2019 raised £500. Thank you to Pete and Glynn of Grove Ferry River Trips for their brilliant support and for all the members and non-members who took part. Bird list available soon!

Art Poster Web

  • The Art Auction on 26th October raised £4000. Thank you to Kevin Hall for volunteering his time and expertise as auctioneer, and Becky for organising, and everyone else for donations of art, craft and cakes, helping before, on and after the day and especially for bidding for the artworks.
  • A huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended, contributed and organised our Plant Sale on Sunday 10th June. We raised an incredible £520+ for the appeal!
  • THANK YOU to Pam Worrall for the donation of £85 from the Bat Walk on 25th August.
  • At our Open Day on 26th August 6 plots were adopted and over £160 given in donations to the appeal. Thank you to everyone who gave so generously.
  • Thanks to everyone who completed one of our questionnaires. We had 175 responses which were both overwhelmingly positive and had good ideas for the development phase.
  • Thanks to Richard Taylor-Jones. His talk and generous raffle prize realised £1100.

Can you provide a home for me?

  • Thanks to our WEX group we have raised £25 from the sale of the hedgehog hibernation box.

RSGGC logo

  • Huge thanks to Royal St. George’s Golf Club current captain Mark Batten for choosing us as his charity for his golf day on Friday 26th September. Thanks to all the players and supporters who donated to this day. The final figure is a magnificent £35,000. THANK YOU.
  • The Bangers and Mash quiz raised £1000 so thank you to all who helped spud bash and cook and wash up and attended and bought raffle tickets.
  • We received £248 from Waitrose in Ramsgate. So thank you to all who shopped there and put their token in for us.
  • Thanks to RSPB Thanet local group for their adopt-a-plot donation of £1000

BB logo

  • Thank you to British Birds magazine for publicity and for the £1000 donation towards the appeal
  • Thank you to the family of the late Edward Cowley for sending us a copy of their father’s manual for building a Sandmartin Wall.
  • Thank you to Michelle Boakes for helping to lead our volunteers’ day on 18th October 2019
  • Thank you to Ovendens Allworks for an amazingly brilliant job of the reprofiling and excavation work on the Scrape
  • Thank you to Gilleards for the beautiful and functional building that is our new hide.