200 Club

The Observatory owns and maintains the vital wetland habitat known as Restharrow Scrape. It’s easy access hide allows close views of a variety of species, at just a short distance from the Field Centre! By joining SBBOT’s 200 Club you will be contributing to the running costs of this important wildlife refuge.

An annual cost of £12 buys ONE number that will be entered into the draw every month.

Currently, cash prizes of £30, £20, £10, and 2 x £5 are drawn on the last Thursday of each month (January to November). In December the prize money increases to £100, £75, £50 and 2 x £25. Remember, greater participation results in larger prizes!

If you would like to join our 200 Club, please click below to view and print the 200 club Application Form, please return it to Bob Dean (Treasurer) at the Field Centre Office.