Campion was  recorded last night.


Perhaps an improvement is in motion, with nearly 600 moths last night, including Gem, Large Wainscot and Pink-barred Sallow all new for the year.


The last week has been cool and unsettled, but last night was positively subtropical by comparison, bringing a Feathered Gothic for the first time this year.


Last night was a little warmer and numbers slightly better, but the only capture of note was our second Convolvulus Hawk-moth of the year.


Frosted Orange was recorded last night, though overnight conditions remain rather chilly and numbers low.


Last night was a little better than recently, despite the ongoing cold wind, and Dusky Thorn was added for the year.


Numbers and variety have gone a tad quiet in some unsettled weather since the last update, although Red Underwing was recorded on the 12th and Hedge Rustic on the 13th.


Peacock, unrecorded last year, was the latest addition to the Bay’s growing macro list for the year. Of most interest, though, was a dart that is either Coast Dart, which was last recorded here in 2005, or the newly-described Dusky Dart.


The immigrant (and very impressive) Convolvulus Hawk-moth was trapped last night, along with Clay Triple-lines and Six-striped Rustic.


Pearly Underwing was new for the year last night and, just like that saying about London buses and policemen, another Jersey Tiger turned up!


The last couple of nights have been very quiet, but Tawny Speckled Pug was recorded last night.


Jersey Tiger by Ken Chapman
Jersey Tiger by Ken Chapman

In addition to the first record for the year of the fairly irregular Chevron a very productive night turned up three outstandingly good moths, the best of which was the Observatory’s first JERSEY TIGER. Nearly as notable, though, were the migrant Four-spotted Footman, recorded only once previously, in October 2013, and Galium Carpet, formerly though to have been regular over the sandhills but which appears not to have been recorded with certainty since 1985.  On a slightly more esoteric note, the rare micro Vitula biviella – a species of pines that has recently established a foothold in the southeast – was recorded for the first time.


Last night got the new month off to an encouraging start with the capture of Tawny-barred Angle and only the 2nd Dusky Hook-tip to have been recorded at the Bay. The first was in August 2011.


The old month concluded with a catch of 615 moths, including the second Star-wort of the year. For the statisticians amongst us, July ended with a total of 337 macros so far this year; well beyond the previous record of 316 in 2010. To some extent this reflects the early nature of the year, with a large proportion of record early emergences, but with 36 macro that were unrecorded in 2013, this looks set to be a very good year.