Monday 12th

An Oblique-striped was flitting around on Royal St George’s Golf Course this morning.

Friday 9th

A trap set last night didn’t exactly lure in the droves of moths I had dreamed of. Two Red Chestnuts, one Clouded Drab, and one Common Quaker was the sum total. The first Brown-tail larvae were seen in the webs on the Sea Buckthorn on the beach.

Friday 2nd

The forecast cold north-easterly arrived and although it stayed just above 6°C out of the wind there were no moths in the trap. It will probably be rested for a couple of days as it is forecast to get colder.

Thursday 1st

A layer of cloud resulted in a warmer night (8.1°C) with no strong moon. The trap increased to 59 moths of 13 species. This included the first four Powdered Quakers of the year, one of which had an added chestnut tinge, and two Agonopterix purpureas.

There were also six Great Silver Diving Beetles but fortunately only one entered the trap.

Powdered Quaker 1/4/21. I Hunter
Twenty Plume Moth. April 1st 21, I Hunter