Thursday 24th

A storming session at a private site in the north of the Recording Area produced 26 Southern Emerald Damselflies (our highest count since 2014) and 114 Scarce Emerald Damselflies (a new Sandwich Bay record count), plus a surprise Norfolk Hawker (miles away from their core concentration on Worth marshes).

Southern Emerald Damselfly by S.Walton

Sunday 20th

Common Darters are beginning to appear in small numbers. It wont be long before they’re all over the place.

Common Darter by H.Willis

Saturday 19th

Our last Dainty Damselfly walks of the year went well. As well as lots of Dainties, there were a few Red-veined Darters, Scarce Chasers, and Variable Damselflies to keep people happy. Thank you to everyone who came along and made it so enjoyable. The population seems to be doing really well and we have plans to do a lot more walks next summer, so get in touch next year.

Thursday 17th

Our first Southern Migrant Hawker of the year was patrolling the field opposite the Observatory, viewed from the wooden gate in the carpark.

Wednesday 16th

Hundreds of Dainty Damselflies were seen on the guided walks. At least three Red-veined Darters and a Scarce Chaser were also on the Estate, with four Norfolk Hawkers seen on another new ditch on Worth marshes.

Scarce Chaser by J.Buckingham

Monday 14th

News of the day was the pleasing discovery of seven Norfolk Hawkers on this side of the railway line, including a tandem pair. Proof that this species is spreading. Also present were nine Emperors, nine Hairy Dragonflies, eight Four-spotted Chasers, seven Scarce Chasers (also a good count on this side), 26 Banded Demoiselles, 455 Blue-tailed Damselflies, 105 Common Blue Damselflies, ten Red-eyed Damselflies, 13 Variable Damselflies, and two Azure Damselflies. There were also at least 17 Norfolk Hawkers at their traditional spot on the other side of the railway along the Delf between the wooden bridge and concrete bridges.

Norfolk Hawker by A.Lipczynski

Saturday 12th

On New Downs this morning were nine Black-tailed Skimmers, four Ruddy Darters, one Common Darter, and one Red-veined Darter. It was also good to see at least 17 Banded Demoiselles on the North Stream between the Observatory at the Worth track.

Red-veined Darter by S.Reynaert

Friday 11th

A concerted count of the Dainty Damselfly population produced a fantastic minimum of 380 individuals, with large numbers of unidentified tenerals also likely to be this species. There were also some good Odonata counts on Worth marshes: seven Emperors, four Norfolk Hawkers, one Broad-bodied Chaser, 19 Scarce Chasers, 11 Four-spotted Chasers, four Black-tailed Skimmers, 16 Hairy Dragonflies, 15 Banded Demoiselles, 16 Common Blue Damselfly, six Variable Damselfly, two Azure Damselfly, and 28 Blue-tailed Damselfly.

Thursday 10th

A pair of Lesser Emperors were ovipositing on Restharrow Scrape this morning! At least 16 Red-veined Darters were also present and a Scarce Chaser was seen in the Whitehouse.

Wednesday 9th

At least one Lesser Emperor remains on Restharrow Scrape. Also on the Estate were eight Red-veined Darters, three Emperors, three Black-tailed Skimmers, two Hairy Dragonflies, six Broad-bodied Chasers, two Four-spotted Chasers, 68 Common Blue Damselflies, 18 Azure Damselflies, and two Blue-tailed Damselflies. Six Norfolk Hawkers were patrolling on Worth marshes.

Monday 3rd

One Lesser Emperor remained on Restharrow Scrape in the morning with at least six Red-veined Darters and a few Black-tailed Skimmers. A few Emperors and Four-spotted Chasers were also seen on the Estate.

Lesser Emperor by S.Reynaert

Sunday 6th

For most of the day the main news was the large numbers of Red-veined Darters around the Estate. At least 16 were present, likely more. However, the discovery of two Lesser Emperors on Restharrow Scrape late in the afternoon quickly took top billing. There have only been three previous Sandwich Bay records with the last in 2014.

Thursday 3rd

Six Red-veined Darters on the path to Restharrow Scrape were a nice find and our first sightings of the year. At least 40 Dainty Damselflies were at a private site with around 100 teneral damselflies also emerging at the time. The omens look good for the upcoming guided walks.

Wednesday 2nd

Eleven Banded Demoiselles on Worth was the best count so far this year. The last few years have seen reduced numbers of this species so some concerted monitoring this summer will hopefully reveal it’s true status. Let us know if you see any, particularly away from it’s Worth marshes stronghold.

Male Banded Demoiselle by A.Lipczynski

Tuesday 1st

There were 46 Azure Damselflies on the Green Wall and a Broad-bodied Chaser on the Estate this morning. A better selection was on Worth marshes that included our first Red-eyed Damselfly of the year.


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