Wednesday 12th

The summer weather tempted a handful of Azure Damselflies to emerge in Middle Field, plus four Large Red Damselflies and a Variable Damselfly on Worth.

Variable Damselfly by A.Lipczynski

Tuesday 11th

Despite searching around the various dykes and ditches on Worth marshes today in the sunshine, the best we could find was one Common Blue Damselfly and one Hairy Dragonfly. It really is a slow start to the season. To think that Norfolk Hawkers and Red-veined Darters would usually be only a few weeks away in an average year.

Hairy Dragonfly by S.Reynaert

Friday 7th

The first Odonata of the year was glimpsed on Worth today. A Common Blue Damselfly. We should expect Large Red Damselfly and Hairy Dragonfly to appear any day now.

female Common Blue Damselfly by A.Lipczynski

I’ll also draw your attention to some guided walks we are offering this June to see the Dainty Damselfly. The Warden will be guiding a walk for members only on Saturday 5th June. Please email to book yourself a place.

Two walks will then be run on Saturday 19th June for the general public. Places will be limited due to Covid restrictions and for ease of managing the group. The Observatory will be charging £5 a head for these latter walks. Tickets can be bought at Hopefully this will allow us to manage visitors to this sensitive area and also keep everyone happy.

Dainty Damselflies by M.Heath


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