December 28th

A brief lull from wind and/or rain in the morning enabled a bit of ringing. Twelve birds were caught of which eight were new. A new Great Spotted Woodpecker was a bit unexpected and the other bird of note was a retrap Song Thrush which had been ringed in October 2018 and not recorded since. As long as it does not get very cold there are always some Song Thrushes wintering here but where was it in 2019 and 2020?

December 21st

A reasonably calm and overcast start provided good conditions for ringing. Thirty six birds were caught of which 17 were new. Chaffinches continue to provide the bulk with 12 new and eight retraps. The other new birds were a Wren, a House Sparrow, a Brambling and two Greenfinches- the latter were the first for a while. Surprisingly there was only one Blackbird (a retrap) and tits remain in very short supply with one retrap each of Blue and Great Tit.

December 17th

It started grey and got duller all morning, at least the drizzle held off at first. Sixteen birds were caught of which four were new – a Redwing and three Chaffinches. Back to maintenance work on Sunday.

December 16th

Those who stand at the seafront regularly record small parties of tits hedge-hopping past and wonder where they are going. Three or four years ago we caught a Lithuanian ringed Blue Tit early in the year and now there is news that one of our birds has been controlled in Belgium. This is only the ninth ever from the whole BTO scheme to be found abroad and the third to Belgium. I will add more details when I get them.

December 12th

It was nice to have a morning when it was not raining and/or windy and so a bit of ringing was done yielding 21 birds, 13 of which were new. This consisted of singles of Robin, Redwing, Blackcap and Brambling, plus three Blackbirds and six Chaffinches. A nice variety.

December 6th

We took the opportunity to grab the calm before the storm to have the nets up and it proved interesting. The highlight was a Lesser Whitethroat of one of the eastern forms, probably blythii. It was one of 23 new and 25 retrap birds. Blackbirds continue their good showing with seven new and five retraps, there were also two Redwing and a Fieldfare. Chaffinches are the mainstay with nine new and nine retraps. There must be a reasonable size group of Chaffinches on the Estate as we continue to catch new birds. The other new birds were singles of Wren, Goldcrest and Lesser Redpoll.