34 Clouded Yellows were counted on New Downs in warm, sunny weather this morning.


3 Clouded Yellows were recorded on the season’s final BMS Transect walk, cementing 2014 as the second best of the last eight years. Although the eventual Annual Index of 3348 was well behind 5459 recorded in the Painted Lady year of 2009 it is comparable to Indices of 3310 in 2008 and 3326 in 2010.


The penultimate butterfly transect of the season maintained this year position as the second best of the last eight years, with 47 butterflies including 17 Small Heaths. However, the biggest surprise was that the gullies held the most, with 9 Red Admirals, 2 Commas and a Peacock nectaring on Mentha aquatica in Little Gully.


10 Clouded Yellows were still present on New Downs yesterday and a Pinted Lady was seen there this morning.


A Painted Lady was our first for several weeks.


After several fallow weeks, good numbers of Small Heaths were evident on the transect, amounting to 34 of the 62 butterflies recorded.


On a warm and sunny first day of the new month a Clouded Yellow was found at Dickson’s Corner.