Sunday 20th

Marbled Whites put in their first appearance today with at least three on the Estate, plus five Painted Lady’s, four Small Tortoiseshells, five Speckled Woods, and 15 Red Admirals.

Marbled White by S.Reynaert

Thursday 17th

Our first two Large Skippers of the year were bouncing around near Restharrow Scrape.

Large Skipper by S.Reynaert

Tuesday 15th

Seems to be a number of Painted Lady’s and Red Admirals around today, seen in all subsites of the Recording Area. The year’s first Meadow Brown was also on New Downs, as well as at least 75 Small Heaths.

Meadow Brown by S.Reynaert

Thursday 10th

Two Speckled Woods, one Small White, three Small Coppers, eight Common Blues, one Brown Argus, three Red Admirals, six Painted Lady’s, and 18 Small Heaths were on the Estate.

Sunday 6th

This weeks BMS Transect produced 34 butterflies. Small Heath was most numerous with 16, followed by Common Blue with ten. A Wall made it onto the transect too, which doesn’t happen every year.

Thursday 3rd

Three Common Blues, 18 Small Heaths, seven Brown Argus, one Peacock, and one Red Admiral were on New Downs.

Brown Argus by A.Lipczynski

Tuesday 1st

A late morning walk along the Green Wall produced one Wall, nine Holly Blues, one Red Admiral, three Small Heaths, one Brown Argus, five Green-veined Whites, two Orange-tips,  and one Large White. A few Holly Blues and Common Blues were also on the Estate.



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