Juliet Landeman

I’m Juliet, the Seasonal Education Officer. My part-time role is focused on outreach and working with groups that visit the observatory, as well as making connections with other organisations through collaborative events, coming up with ideas to expand our education programme and looking for funding.

My new role began in April, but before that I had been volunteering with SBBOT’s education team for the past year, helping with school visits, holiday clubs and family events. Alongside that voluntary work, I started as an Education and Engagement Trainee with Kent Wildlife Trust in April 2021 and spent roughly 3 days a week for 11 months supporting various events, working with schools and community groups, and most excitingly, helping with a project to reintroduce the red-billed chough to Dover. That traineeship then progressed to a role as Education Tutor, leading sessions for schools and other groups at different nature reserves. Now, when I’m not working for SBBOT, I’m working in the education team at Wildwood Trust in a similar role.

I went to university in 2016 to study BSc Biological Sciences, followed by MSc Conservation and Biodiversity at the University of Exeter. I was lucky enough to go on field trips to The Bahamas and Kenya during my degrees, introducing me to hundreds of new species, including many beautiful birds. I completed my master’s research project on the nest site selection of Eurasian curlew, and I still have a soft spot for them, so it’s wonderful to see them doing so well at Pegwell.

I began ringing at the observatory last autumn and have enjoyed getting up-close with many new species and improving my knowledge of birds. So far I’ve kept all my fingers, though the blue tits give it a fair go!

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