The SBBOT Youth Council is a forum to enable young people to have a voice on how SBBOT might increase the capacity of young people engaged with conservation and wildlife in the local and wider community and in doing so develop an inclusive youth engagement strategy which sits alongside and supports the SBBOT vision.

Its primary functions are to:

Raise awareness to young people within local communities about birds, wildlife and the work of SBBOT

Contribute to improving opportunities for young people to become involved with SBBOT

Find ways to inspire young people to become nature advocates and conservationists who take action for wildlife

Strive to help SBBOT become more accessible and inclusive to young people.


There will be 8 members of the Youth Council aged between 10 and 25.

Membership of the youth council can include young members of SBBOT, members of the RSPB youth groups, interns, the Wildlife Watchers Clubs and others who express an interest in becoming a representative.

All members have a vote.

Voting will take place via email and onsite meetings where possible and elections will be announced via membership email. Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory Trust – Charity Number: 1197743 – Date: 18th April 2022 2 Meetings

The Youth Council will meet 6 times a year, on alternate months.

Two SBBOT staff or Trustees will be present at each meeting.

The role of Chair and minute taker will be shared amongst all attendees. Liaising with the Board of Trustees

The attending SBBOT staff or Trustee member will be the primary liaison between the Trustees and the Youth Council.

They will forward the minutes of all Youth Council meetings to Trustees and bring any arising matters to the meetings.

Where appropriate, an elected member of the Youth Council can bring arising matters to the SBBOT Board of Trustees at their meetings. They will request a slot via email to the Chairperson of SBBOT to join either the Trustee Zoom meeting or in-person meeting for a limited amount of time.

If the elected person is under 18 years old, emails will be conducted via the Youth Council Member’s parent or guardian.

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