Sunday 29th November

No ringing on Saturday as we were hosting the BTO SE England conference. This went extremely well and many thanks to the team of hard working helpers.                                                          Today was windy but a few nets were put up for a while. A Chiffchaff was new and a Chaffinch ringed as an adult in 2010 on Sandown Road, but not seen since, was of interest.

Friday 27th November

Despite the temperature dropping to 1ºC at first it had risen to a balmy 8°C by first light and there was no wind at first. Catching was very quiet after the excitement of a Water Rail first round. Only nine new birds and 10 retraps were caught. Of interest was a female Blackbird which was ringed on 29/12/13 and has not been recorded since. It is probably another overwintering continental bird.

Wednesday 25th November

The forecast breeze did not get up much and ringing proceeded. 20 new birds and 26 retraps were caught. The highlight was a Water Rail from the heligoland. There was another new Chiffchaff and the ‘only’ Lesser Redpoll was a control. A Chaffinch with a wing of 95mm was presumably from a northern continental origin it is much bigger than our local birds.                                                         We have colour ringed over 100 House Sparrows in the last 6 months but there have been very few resightings and we have not been catching many new birds this autumn. However one or two started being caught last week and today there were 4 plus 5 retraps.Maybe as winter sets in more will be visible and recorded on the feeders.

Sunday 22nd November

Although the wind dropped there was not a lot to ring. The best were 6 Goldfinch which take the total even closer to the best year for them.

Friday 20th November

An almost calm day allowed some nets to be put up. 30 new and 8 retrap birds were caught. 9 Long-tailed Tits led the way followed by 7 Lesser Redpoll and 3 Chiffchaffs. A retrap male Blackbird was of interest as he was a large bird with a wing of 138mm. He was first caught in November 2014 and retrapped once in February and so is probably a continental bird passing through here on wintering nearby.


Wednesday 18th November

Although ringing has not been possible for a while John B. galvanised the troops and a large amount of repairs were done to the walkway in the Haven. Our own little chippie got to work on a new catching box for the obs trap.

Do not forget work party on Saturday 21st- clearing the Haven amongst other things.

Friday 13th November

Despite the pasting the North and West of the country is taking it was the forecast calm and mild start here. A few nets were put up but only 14 new birds were ringed before the wind picked up and heavy,squally, showers set in. 7 Lesser Redpoll led the way.

Thursday 12th November

A couple of hours were possible before non-forecasted drizzle set in and the breeze picked up. 14 birds were ringed including 2 Fieldfare, a Chiffchaff and 2 more BlueTits.

Wednesday 11th November

The wind dropped enough for a few nets to be put up. 42 birds were ringed including 26 Lesser Redpoll and a Brambling. There was also another control Lesser Redpoll. It will be interesting to see if this was ringed at its breeding area, usually north and west in the UK, or on passage, often on the south coast.

Sunday 8th November

A calm start raised hopes but there was not a great deal new. The highlight of 22 new birds was a Swallow, the latest we have ever caught. This young bird will have to do some rapid feeding as it only weighed 16.4g and had no visible fat. A Lesser Redpoll was also controlled.

Friday 6th November

The forecast was pretty accurate apart from the strength of the breeze and rain did not arrive until mid-morning. A few nets could be put up in the shelter of the bushes and 17 birds were ringed including 7 Lesser Redpoll.

Thursday 5th November

Drizzle once again delayed the start but eventually 20 birds were ringed before a stiff breeze stopped play. There were 9 new Goldcrests and 7 new Long-tailed Tits.

Wednesday 4th November

This ring was put on the Goldcrest in Sweden. photo by John Buckingham
This ring was put on the Goldcrest in Sweden. photo by John Buckingham

The damp start delayed net erection. A mid-morning flurry of 9 Blackbirds raised hopes. These would have been dashed if it was not for the capture of a Swedish ringed Goldcrest, the second in the country this autumn.

Tuesday 3rd November

The fog cleared but the mild south-westerly meant there were no new arrivals. There were less new birds than nets up in total. A new Firecrest meant this is the best year on record for this species here.

Monday 2nd November

If anything the fog was thicker and so bird activity was minimal. 11 birds were ringed. A Chiffchaff retrap had not been wasting its time and had put on lots of fat.

Sunday 1st November

Thick fog resulted in most migrants flying straight over. 20 new birds were ringed including a nice pair of adult Fieldfare. We retrapped a Firecrest which was ringed two weeks ago and had not been seen since.