Ringing Course

We are running a ringing course for the BTO. It is from the evening of Thursday August 10th until lunchtime on Sunday August 13th. The course is designed for people who are already ringers but want to gain extra experience, or, a permit upgrade. Cost will be £110 full board. Details from I.Hunter email sbbotmail@gmail.com

Course now full.

Donate a Nest Box through our wish list by clicking HERE. We are especially looking for Wood Stone boxes to protect the baby birds from Woodpeckers!

May 29th

Ringing of chicks can add extra interest as you have a clear idea of age and origin. This was further demonstrated by the information from a colour ringed Avocet seen in Pegwell.

It was ringed a chick on the Reserve Naturelle de Sene in France on 30/7/2015. It was then sighted 6 more times in France until early 2017. On March 21st 2017 it was observed in Pegwell, by the 26th it was near Colchester and on April 18th it was at Gibraltar Point in Lincolnshire.

May 24th

The House Sparrow colour ringing is allowing us to link up adults with their young. At least two colour ringed adults can be watched feeding colour ringed offspring on the feeding tray.

May 23rd

Yet another illustration of why anyone who says we know all about our common birds is wrong. This time the story involves a Robin. A local resident was alert enough to spot that the Robin their cat had  killed had a ring on. They then got the ring and brought it to us- thank you. The Robin carried a Stockholm ring ie ringed in Sweden. A quick check of the Migration Atlas ( which is packed full of interesting facts revealed by ringing) showed that the authors of the Robin section felt there were still stories to be unravelled. Many of our resident Robins are fairly sedentary but some head off to Iberia. There is also evidence of movement of Scandinavian birds through the Uk to Iberia. None of this explains why a Swedish bird was still here in May. It is interesting that , following a good autumn 2016 passage, there seem to be more Robins around this spring. Did some pair up here and stay?

May 21st

It was good to meet up with our members at todays AGM and to get positive feedback about our activities.

A short session in the morning yielded 10 new birds including the first Reed Warbler of the year. Five more juvenile Chaffinches continue to show they have had an excellent start to the breeding season.

May 19th

Six new birds this morning included another new Chiffchaff. Fledged birds around the area continue to show that early broods have been successful.

May 15th

News continues to be promising from the nests. One interesting pattern is that Great Tits seem to be around 10 days ahead of Blue Tits.

Ringing today yielded the first two Lesser Whitethroats of the year.

May 9th

Activity has focused on checking nests. Overall it would seem so far things are going better than last year. Nests we expected to be ready today were mostly not quite there, this is not suprising considering the cold wind, but at least they are still developing and not being deserted. Some of the tit nest boxes whose holes have been enlarged by marauding woodpeckers are now being used by other species namely two Robins and a Starling. Even a layer of galvanised mesh , tried on some boxes, does not stop the woodpeckers.

We plan to replace some over the winter and if anyone would consider donating a box or metal front plates they can do so by the wishlist link on the home page.

May 5th

Despite the stiff NE breeze it was possible to get some nets up. Out of 17 birds only one, a Chiffchaff, was new.

May 2nd

A pleasant, calm, start helped yield 15 new birds including 7 Goldfinches. The first nest box pulli were ringed-three Robins.


Attached is a copy of our ringing policy: 2016 Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory Ringing Group policy