Friday 27th May

Three more Jackdaws and 9 Starlings entered the trap and a Swallow was new for the year in a net.

Wednesday 25th May

The cold,drizzly, start meant the nestboxes were left undisturbed and thoughts turned to autumn. A willing group set about adjusting the tension on the nets and setting up for a different design of net. As the drizzle lifted they were rewarded with 27 new birds including 19 Starlings and 4 Jackdaws.

Monday 16th May

With ever increasing numbers of fledged Starlings and Long-tailed Tits around it was interesting to check more nest boxes, this time in the surrounding area. Once again fortunes were mixed. Great Tits seem to be successfully raising small broods from early nesting but there were several nests with cold Blue Tit eggs in. One Starling nest which has had a singing male for at least a month has finally got eggs. House Martins appear to be getting into the swing of things with broods of 4 or 5 eggs.


Friday 13th May

No new birds were caught and the clear breezy conditions meant nets were taken down mid-morning.

An interesting sighting was reported, and photographed, on the scrape yesterday. It was a female Tufted Duck with a numbered nasal flag. There are some schemes in France using these and hopefully we will have more details to report soon.

Wednesday 11th May

Rain put paid to thoughts of netting but it did clear and a round of the nest boxes provided mixed fortunes with Starlings doing well but tits showing much more mixed results so far.

Monday 9th May

In what be the last of the calm hot days for a while a Chiffchaff and yet another Blackcap were ringed. It is interesting to follow the continuing increase in the population of the latter, i wonder if some of them will join the eastern European birds that come here to winter?

Sunday 8th May

The glorious weather continues and the local avifauna is well and truly busy with the nesting season. A Blackcap was the only new bird today.

Friday 6th May

Even quieter today the only new birds were a Blackcap and a Whitethroat.

Thursday 5th May

The lovely weather continues and so migrants are few and far between. Today was a big bird-fest with another new Ring-necked Parakeet, a Woodpigeon and a Green Woodpecker. The latter was a bit of a suprise as we did over 20 last year and would not have expected any more new birds until fledging time.

Wednesday 4th May

The forecast did not mention the strength of the breeze which got up but otherwise it was a beautiful day. Twenty seven birds were ringed. Highlights included the first free flying juvenile of the year- a Mistle Thrush, the first Linnet and Reed Warbler of the year and 8 Starling pulli in nest boxes. Two more new Bullfinches were also of note.

Tuesday 3rd May

A few more birds in nice weather conditions although the promised loss of cold NW breeze did not fully materiallise. Nine new birds included the first Whitethroat for the year and 2 Bullfinches.

Demonstrating clearly how it is always worth checking bird corpses for rings, Heather, who was wandering through the Middle Field, found a predated Blackbird. It had been ringed, as a bird of the year, in November 2006 in the Haven and not retrapped since.

Sunday 1st May

Although there are plenty of Whitethroats and Lesser Whitethroats appearing on their territories in from the coast it took until today for one to stop in the ringing area. Of 4 new birds 3 were migrants including our first Lesser Whitethroat of the year, plus another Chiffchaff and a Blackcap.

Lesser Whitethroat 1st May 2016 by Sue Smith
Lesser Whitethroat 1st May 2016 by Sue Smith