Tuesday 30th

No regular ringing yet but with the hot weather we might be able to get in soon to repair the damage done by the wind and rain so that we can start thinking about resuming. A Blackbird was the fourth bird to be ringed this year when it flew into the Obs trap when I went to release the moths!

News of two birds ringed by us and found, sadly dead, abroad. The first was a Chaffinch ringed here on 19/3/19 (as an adult female) and found dead in Gelderland, Netherlands (316km east) on 29/3/21. There are two things to note about this – one is the speed of the information coming through and the second is that anyone who has birded at places such as Cap Gris Nez or sites in Holland will have seen the huge numbers of Chaffinches that move along the coast. Sometimes we are lucky to get a glimpse of this along our coast and presumably this bird was associated with these movements.

The second was a Goldfinch ringed here as a young bird on 26/10/20 and found dead in Sarthe, France on 16/2/21 (378km south). Southern France is a regular area for Goldfinches from here to be found.

Thursday 18th

Nest box update

Thank you very much to those who responded to our appeal. With that money, plus money kindly donated in remembrance of Ian Anderson, and an equivalent amount from the Observatory, we have purchased 2x Starling, 10x 32mm and 5x 28mm hole woodcrete boxes from CJ Wildlife. These should give the woodpeckers something to think about!

Our resident team will get these up when they are able to.

Meanwhile, here’s another picture from the past:

Lesser Grey Shrike August 1994 , Wes Attridge

Thursday 4th

Whilst most ringing activities are curtailed one activity is going back through ones old pictures and digitising them. One of our team, Wes Attridge from 1994, has done just that and come up with some pictures to reminisce about and I will add one or two as we go along.

Spotted Crake. August 1994 Wes Attridge

When we had a much bigger team we used to run a constant effort site and also ring through the late summer/early autumn at Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve.