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March 30th

Another brief lull this morning and the team were rewarded with 28 birds, 19 of which were new. This included the first migrant Chiffchaff of the year and three Firecrests. As has become the norm Chaffinch led the way, this time with 12 new birds.

March 25th

At last a pleasant day with no wind. Thirty three birds were processed of which 26 were new.Chaffinch was again the top species with 12 birds. These continue to demonstrate the passage of these birds through the area as they were either vey low in fat or well stocked up. A female Bullfinch put in a suprise appearance and two new Yellowhammers brightenned up the day.

March 16th

A lovely sunny day which was warm out of the breeze. Thirty five birds were processed of which 21 were new. Although a few Chiffchaffs are appearing they did not show up in the nets. Chaffinches continue to pass through and seven were ringed along with four Greenfinches. Two Firecrests drew the most admiration.

March 14th

A cloudy damp start to the evening meant I was hopeful that some of the hundreds of Redwing which were still around might still be here this morning. However it cleared and the majority of birds got on their way again. We still caught 29 new birds and as there were only two retraps it was further indication of birds moving on. Chaffinch led the way with 14, one of these had a wing of 94mm which is bigger than our locals. There were also two Bramblings and a Firecrest to add a splash of colour.

March 9th

Some more corvid rings were read at the obs feeders and gave the following stories;


Ringed 11/5/14 and caught once each spring since.

Ringed 16/6/16- first time since.

Ringed 22/6/16-first time since.

Magpie- Ringed 1/5/15 and not seen since which is probably a wise move as some are shot in the area.

March 7th

A damp grey start meant only limited netting was possible. Although there were lots of Fieldares and even more Starlings around they were intent on feeding in the open fields and not interested in the bushes. Eleven birds were processed of which seven were new. Three new Great Tits and a Blue Tit had higher than normal fat scores hopefully indicating their readiness for their return passage. A Chaffinch with a low fat score had possibly dropped in from the small number that are starting to fly over now.

March 2nd

Due to the freezing drizzle we concentrated on reading colour rings this morning. By the time I slipped out of the observatory we had read 18 different sparrow rings.

Thanks to Kees Campuysen for the details of this Herring Gull which was read in Ramsgate Harbour last year. The project has ringed 5761 Herring Gulls in 30 years and there have been 154292 sightings, but only 17 in the UK!

Herring Gull Y.CMV seen Ramsgate, being ringed in Holland.
Herring Gull Y.CMV  being ringed in Holland.Seen in Ramsgate.
Herring Gull Y.CMV
Herring Gull Y.CMV

March 1st

We caught two Common Gulls in a nearby garden today, one had a Danish ring.

Common Gull 01/03/2018. S Walton
Common Gull 01/03/2018. S Walton