Ringing Course

We are running a ringing course for the BTO. It is from the evening of Thursday August 10th until lunchtime on Sunday August 13th. The course is designed for people who are already ringers but want to gain extra experience, or, a permit upgrade. Cost will be £110 full board. Details from I.Hunter email sbbotmail@gmail.com

March 31st

Continuing the mild theme allowed 13 birds to be ringed. This included the first Firecrest and Willow Warbler of the spring, along with four Chiffchaffs and three Blackcaps.

March 30th

The mild, sunny,spell continues and there is enough shelter from the, at times, stiff breeze to put nets up. In the last two days 23 birds have been ringed including 7 Chiffchaffs and 6 Chaffinches. The first Blackcap of the spring was ringed and a retrap of a Wren ringed five years ago was notable.

March 29th

It is good that one or two non-ringers are continuing to contribute some very interesting records. One of the latest involves two Pied Wagtails on the Scrape at the weekend. They could be seen to be ringed and a photo revealed more.

Piedwag ringPiedwag ring only

Pied Wagtail Rest Harrow Scrape. 26/3/17. M. Collins

Z454340 and Z454676 were juvenile Pied Wagtails ringed last year and as the second bird could be read to have a ring ending 40 it would seem they have survived their first winter.

March 25th

News of yet another exciting Robin movement

Ringing details
Age: 3
Ringing date: 06-Oct-2014 12:30:00
Reg code: SBEPlace code: SBESite name: Sandwich Bay Estate, Kent, UK
Biometrics: Wing: 72.0 mm.Weight: 15.2 g.Time: 12:30:00hrs
Remarks: –
Ringer: Sandwich Bay BO, 9075

Finding details
Age: 6 This means full adult not from this or the previous year.
Finding date: 05-Apr-2016 (0) 12:00:00
Reg code: -Place code: -Site name: Kuznica, Jastarnia, Pomorskie, Poland
Grid ref: – Accuracy 0Co-ords: 54deg 43min N18deg 33min E
Subsequent Capture by RingerIntentionally Taken
Duration: 547 daysDistance: 1210 kmDirection: 72deg (ENE)
Finder: Gdansk, -11

March 19th

A couple of sessions recently and these have reflected what can be seen in the bushes or in flight along the coast. Five new Chiffchaffs reflect the former and 11 new Chaffinches the latter. The big news was from the newly refurbished heligoland where a Grey Partridge (the first for a long time) perhaps reflected just how dry it has been most of the winter.

Grey Partridge from refurbished heligoland. 19/3/17. Sue Smith
Grey Partridge from refurbished heligoland. 19/3/17. Sue Smith

March 11th

Details of the Russian ringed Robin have come through. It was ringed at Kovda, which is by the White Sea in northern Russia, on August 26th 2015. We caught it on October 10th 2016 and we are 2460 km to the SW. This is probably the longest recorded movement of a Robin to the UK.

March 10th

A lovely morning and some ringing was possible with ten new birds including a shiny male Yellowhammer.

March 7th

Great Effort!

Finally the boardwalk is complete. Thank you to all who helped it looks and feels great. The PLASTECO material is recycled plastic and seems very strong. It is doubly environmentally friendly as it does not need treating with preservative.


Demolished boardwalk 2017 I Hunter
Demolished boardwalk 2017 I Hunter


Boardwalk scaffolding 2017 I Hunter
Boardwalk scaffolding 2017 I Hunter


Completed long run of boardwalk March 2017 I Hunter
Completed long run of boardwalk March 2017 I Hunter
Completed boardwalk March 2107 I Hunter
Completed boardwalk March 2107 I Hunter

March 4th

Activity is concentrated on management and construction but there is news of an interesting recovery. A Siskin ringed here on September 19th 2015, during the big movement, has been caught by another ringer on February 17th this year at Inchberry,Moray. This is 761km to the NNW. Maybe the food supply is much better up there this winter and they did not move or it is getting back quickly to breed.