Sunday 30th

A bit cooler with a breeze after yesterdays boiler. Thirteen new birds and two retraps were caught before the breeze proved too much. This included the first Song Thrush for some time.

Thursday 27th

An interesting recovery has been reported to us involving a Lesser Redpoll. It was ringed here on the 19th October last year, as an adult on passage. It was caught by a ringer in Horumersiel, Germany, on May 1st this year 525km ENE. It is only the 4th Lesser Redpoll to go from the UK to Germany.

Wednesday 26th

With the breeze picking up the mornings session was cut short. Eight birds were ringed including yet another adult Chiffchaff.

Sunday 23d

Good, calm conditions made for a pleasant morning’s ringing. There were 21 new birds plus 12 retraps. The majority continue to be fledglings, including a Lesser Whitethroat. A new adult Little Owl and adult Whitethroat were more of a surprise.

With the sound of young Jackdaws all around it was good to catch the first corvids, six Jackdaws, in the new Crow Trap.

Tuesday 18th

A pleasant and calm morning resulted in 33 birds being processed, 19 of which were new. Although the majority were fledglings, including three more Robins, there were also new adult Blackcap, Chiffchaff and Reed Warbler.

Mixed news on the bird of prey front with the Kestrel brood all safely out of the nest box but a Sparrowhawk brood was found predated at the other end of the Estate.

Fledgling Kestrels. 18/6/19. P Blanche
Fledgling Kestrels. 18/6/19. P Blanche

Sunday 16th

The breeze held off long enough for 14 birds to be processed, ten of which were new. Juvenile Chaffinches joined the roll call of recently fledged.

Friday 14th

Fledglings continue to make up the bulk of the new birds. Nineteen birds were ringed and it was good to see the first fledgling Whitethroats and Blackcap.

Tuesday 11th

Another pleasant day after an unpleasant day. Nineteen birds included ten new ones. Considering the compact size of the ringing area it was a surprise to catch a new adult Blackcap and Chiffchaff. There was also a re-trap Whitethroat which had not been seen before this year. The biggest surprise was a juvenile Siskin, where had that wandered from? They are not breeding on the Estate.

Sunday 9th

A pleasant morning after yesterday’s gales. Thirty birds were caught of which eleven were new. The total reflected the good number of young birds which are starting to move around the area, Blackcaps adding to the growing list of fledglings.

Friday 7th

A very quiet session with only six birds in a limited number of nets.

Wednesday 3rd

A check of the nest boxes showed that the House Sparrows are having a roller coaster year. Some early broods have been fledged for a while but slightly later ones seem to have struggled during the dry spell but there are now plenty of large broods of eggs on the way.

The main work was finishing the trap.

New Trap. 5/6/19. I Hunter
New Trap. 5/6/19. I Hunter

Sunday 2nd

A busy morning doing net repairs and getting near to finishing the new Crow Trap. The main body is complete and the first bird was caught in it today. I walked around the corner to bait it and there was a Moorhen already in and waiting!