June 20th

The conditions started nicely and 54 birds were processed of which 32 were new. New Robins continue to fledge and another four were ringed today along with nine fledged Chaffinches.

June 16th

A calm start resulted in 33 birds being processed including 16 new ones before the breeze increased. This included the first fledged Lesser Whitethroat of the year.

June 13th

A very pleasant and productive morning. Fifty nine birds processed of which 29 were new. Robin seem to be having a productive season and another six were ringed. There are plenty of Jackdaws around and another six new ones were ringed all of which were birds from at least two years ago. Also of interest was another new adult Chiffchaff and Whitethroat.

June 12th

I suppose we are fortunate that not more birds get killed by vehicles along our relatively narrow roads. BL6 has been a regular House Sparrow at the feeders on Sandown Road but met his end this morning on the road.

June 10th

The first House Martin chicks were ready for ringing, with more to come. Two adult retraps had both been ringed last year but had moved to different houses.

June 9th

A pleasant morning with a few nets saw 28 birds processed of which 16 were new. All were local breeders or their progeny.

June 8th

In my absence there have been plenty of fledging birds to ring and Starlings and House Sparrows are getting onto second broods. Today was occupied with trimming back some of the vegetation which is growing over the rides. The damp last week seems to be encouraging plenty of growth.