Friday 31st

With the temperature heading into the 30’s ringing was over quite quickly but not before 21 birds were ringed. A Reed Bunting was of note at this time of year and a Jackdaw was retrapped which had been ringed, as an adult,  on June 25th 2012 and not seen since.

Thursday 30th

I know I have mentioned that autumn is on its way as shown by warblers starting their journeys south but a Redwing!? In glorious sunny, hot, conditions 34 birds were ringed including nine Reed Warblers, ten Willow Warblers and the third Wood Warbler of the autumn. However an adult female Redwing in moult was a complete surprise. The fact she had a feathering over brood patch as well as the wing moult hinted at an origin not too far away

Wednesday 29th

A pleasant warm,light breeze start to the day meant good conditions for ringing. Not heard the final count but the second Wood Warbler of the autumn was ringed.

Positive news from a check of the House Martin nest boxes. More birds have moved in of late and there is now only one of the occupied boxes from last year not in use. All the other boxes now have eggs or fledged young in them.

Tuesday 28th

After a very windy start to the night we awoke to a calm, sunny morning. A few more Willow Warblers had dropped in and 10 were ringed amongst a total of 27 new birds. Chaffinch continue to produce plenty of offspring and five were ringed.

Monday 27th

Early drizzle delayed the start of proceedings but the strong wind forecast held off until the afternoon when it returned with avengence. On going out it was clear a few Willow Warblers had dropped in and they made up 15 of the 26 new birds. Considering the overcast conditions it was surprising there were no Sand Martins around.

Sunday 26th

The strength of the breeze again had a big effect and 24 birds were caught of which 13 were new. Local Reed Warblers appear to have been succesful and three more were caught. Although Sand Martins were around only one could be caught.

Saturday 25th

We awoke to drizzle and a strong breeze however it dried up by 0700 and a few nets were possible. Thirty-two birds were caught of which 25 were new. Sand Martins made up the bulk with 18, including the first adult of the autumn. Another surprise was a retrap House Martin which had been caught in the Oasis last August. A sign that there had not been much movement was the retrapping of two Willow Warblers from yesterday.

Friday 24th

A lovely, calm, morning becoming quite humid. Fifty-six birds were caught of which 39 were new. Not surprisingly considering the conditions there was a good mix of migrants. This included six Sand Martins, five Reed Warblers, five Willow Warblers, three Garden Warblers, and single Whitethroat and Lesser Whitethroat. Greenfinches continued their good run with three more

Wednesday 22nd

The same conditions but a disappointing session despite an interesting sprinkling of migrants in the nearby bushes. Fifteen birds were caught of which seven were new and all were local.

Tuesday 21st

A clear, calm, start with the hot sun quickly burning off any mist but then a strong breeze helping cool things a bit. The trickle of migrants starting to arrive was increased by a group of Sand Martins of which 21 were ringed.  In all there were 47 new and 14 retrap birds.

In the afternoon another round of the House Sparrow boxes yielded three more broods to ring and some third broods which will be ready in ten days or so. They certainly seem to be making up for a stuttery start.

Monday 20th

After the rain yesterday afternoon the sky cleared and the morning was sunny. The hot sun plus the increasing breeze meant it was only a short session today. However a Wood Warbler confirmed that autumn is on its way. Although there were a few Willow Warblers around, only one was ringed. In all 19 birds were caught of which nine were new.

Sunday 19th

More humid weather but the hoped for rain did not arrive until afternoon. There were 33 new birds and seven retraps. This included the first Willow Warbler of the year. A flock of Long-tailed Tits has been building for a while and 12 were ringed today. Two Reed Buntings were a surprise this time of year.

Saturday 18th

A hot and humid morning brought proceedings to a fairly early finish but not before 33 birds were caught, 17 of these were new. The highlight continues to be Greenfinch with four more new birds. There were one’s and two’s of local warblers but although one or two Willow warblers have been seen none have been caught yet.

Friday 17th

Calm and humid was the order of the day. Twenty eight birds were ringed including the first Sparrowhawk of the year and the second Garden Warbler. Locally Blackcaps are still in full song and we are catching plenty of their offspring with nine new birds today. Other warblers included three Reed, three Lesser Whitethroats, two Chiffchaffs and a Whitethroat.

Thursday 16th

An overcast start with drizzle threatening limited the session a bit but 15 new birds were ringed the highlight of which was four more Greenfinches. It is a sad reflection on their decline nationally that four new birds are worthy of comment. There was also the first Garden Warbler of the year.

Wednesday 15th

Good conditions this morning and 45 birds were caught of which 24 were new. Once again it was local progeny that supplied the numbers including five Whitethroats and four each of Robin, Chaffinch and Greenfinch.

The local House Martins are finally getting on with their second broods with several birds incubating full clutches.

Sunday 12th

A quiet morning yielded 10 new and 12 retrap birds. A new Great Spotted Woodpecker was a good experience for one of our trainees.

Saturday 11th

A bit breezier than expected but a clear sky meant the sun soon warmed things up. Fledging warblers made up the bulk including two Reed Warblers, three Whitethroats, four Blackcaps and a Chiffchaff. A new adult Chiffchaff bucked this trend. The clear highlight was the capture of two Crossbills, only the second and third we have ringed and the first since 1984.

First year male Common Crossbill. 11th July 2020. I Hunter. Note the pine residue on the bill.
Immature male Common Crossbill. 11th July 2020. I Hunter. Note the pine residue on the bill.

Friday 10th

Reasonable conditions but it remained quiet with nine new and seven retrap birds. The highlight was the first Siskin of the autumn.

Tuesday 7th

The wind dropped for a while and conditions were good. Forty-three birds were caught of which 33 were new. The figures continue to suggest that warblers are having a good breeding season with nine each of Whitethroat and Blackcap. The other notable record was of a retrap female House Sparrow which was ringed four years ago. Despite the number ringed we only have one or two which are seen after this length of time.

Friday 3rd

Another lull in the wind meant that 32 birds were caught, 18 of which were new. This included three more Blackcaps and two Whitethroats. Sadly it looks as if this weekend will be blown off.

Wednesday 1st

The wind dropped enough to allow some ringing and it was local progeny that continued to provide the birds. The first Sedge Warbler of the year was amongst 11 new and 10 retrap birds.