Sunday 31st

A short session was rewarded with 9 Willow Warblers.

Friday 29th

A total of 45 new birds was reached with the help of 25 Starlings. Yet another of our local Blackbirds fell victim to the cars steaming along Guilford Road, this one did survive at least two years.

Thursday 28th

Twenty one new birds today including a Sedge and a Reed Warbler. News of more recoveries today including a couple of colour ringed Herring Gulls on the Scrape both from the Pitsea gull project. There was another Siskin heading north-west, to Dumfries and Galloway. What was a Blue Tit ringed here in April doing in Westgate on Sea a month later?

Wednesday 27th

Thirty four new birds including 6 Willow Warblers and 3 Chiffchaffs. Two House Sparrows were colour ringed and judging by the number on the feeders they are having a productive year, we just need people to start reading the colour rings.

Tuesday 26th

The first Willow Warbler on its way back to Africa was seen yesterday and today six were ringed. Hopefully an indication of another successful season for Green Woodpeckers was another juvenile bird ringed.

Monday 25th

An early start this morning was rewarded with the first Wood Warbler, Garden Warbler and House Martin of the autumn. The Wood Warbler is definitely on the move as the recent Kent Breeding Bird Atlas says there is no evidence of recent breeding in the county.

Sunday 24th

The highlight of eleven new birds today was two juvenile Lesser Whitethroats whose autumn plumage is very smart.

Friday 22nd

Not bad fare for mid-July as a trickle of local fledglings continues. Forty seven birds were ringed in the last 2 days. A Sedge Warbler joined the list of warblers ringed.

Wednesday 20th

News of two interesting movements today. The first confirms our links with Bardsey Bird Observatory. A Lesser Redpoll ringed hear on 29th October 2015 was controlled on Bardsey  on May 5th this year ( 454km WNW). The second is a Barn Owl ringed under special licence here last year and controlled on Romney Marsh where it is nesting on the 3rd June this year ( 40km SW ). The latter is also pleasing because it is a live record and not the usual road casualty.

Sunday 17th

Twenty three new birds today were again recently fledged birds mostly. Yesterdays big passage of Sand Martins did not continue and so only one of these was ringed today.

Friday 15th

Eight new Blackcaps suggests that their breeding season is going well but Robin with 3 new and Starling with 12 still lead the way. Another 3 Collared Doves were colour ringed, each one will increase our chances of finding out just what they get up to- pleaase watch out for our colour ringed birds whilst you are out and about.

Wednesday 13th

The highlight of 30 new birds was a Swift which was tempted down from the large flock swirling above. A second Pied Wagtail entered the crow trap as well.

Sunday 10th

A very successful morning until the increasing breeze put a stop to proceedings. One hundred and sixty nine birds were ringed. One hundred and twenty nine of these were juvenile Sand Martins, which have been gathering for the last week around the golf course and the Scrape. It is some years since so many have been ringed on one day and then it was in Maize field roosts or at colonies in the Stour valley. As these no longer exist the birds must have come from further afield. Hopefully the adults are still with second broods back at their colonies.                                                              Also of interest was a retrap Blackcap which had been ringed as a juvenile on the Estate on July 25th 2012 but not recorded since.

Friday 8th

23 new birds today including 2 more Rooks.

Wednesday 6th

A successful day reflecting what appears to be some successful breeding. Seventy three birds were ringed the majority of which were juveniles. Starlings led the way with 36, followed by 6 Chaffinches and 5 Whitethroats. Pick of the day was the second Treecreeper of the year.

There appear to be increasing numbers of hirundines feeding around the golf course including the first Sand Martins and so we may have some new species to ring soon.

Sunday 3rd

Five young Whitethroats were the highlight of a quiet morning. Although the Starling roost has already started collecting, albeit only in the hundreds, there were none feeding around the Crow Trap today.

Friday 1st

More nest boxes checked and another late brood of Great Tits ringed.

We have received news of two interesting movements. The first again shows the added value that colour ringing can deliver. A Lesser Black Backed Gull read on the Scrape on the 15th June 2015 had been ringed as a chick on Texel, the Netherlands, on 11th June 2013. The second involves a Robin we ringed on 3rd September 2015, presumably on its way towards the Mediterranean for the winter, which was caught by another ringer at Coleshill, Swindon, on 19th June this year.

Attached is a copy of our ringing policy: 2016 Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory Ringing Group policy master (4) 1