Did you know we have comfortable accommodation on site? Perfect for early starts. If you’re interested in visiting us this year to join in with our ringing activities then please do get in touch at info@sbbot.org.uk.

Details of our ringing course will appear here soon.

Wednesday 29th

No ringing possible this week due to the strength of the breeze. Therefore nest box maintenance is underway, mostly patching up the ravages of woodpeckers (the metal front plates seem to be helping) and of the wind.

Another interesting colour ring reading from Restharrow Scrape. This time it was a Great Black-backed Gull ringed as a pullus on 27/6/19 at Tjoren on the southern tip of Norway and seen here on 28/12/19.

Sunday 26th

Twenty-two birds were caught today of which seven (a Great Spotted Woodpecker, a House Sparrow, a Green and a Goldfinch and three Chaffinches) were new.

Please watch out for House Sparrows. Over the last three years we have colour ringed more than 500. Normally winter is a good time to read rings at the feeders but none have been reported since November! We have been catching a few but hopefully there has not been a sudden die off. Watch out at your garden feeders as well.

Friday 24th

The wet conditions continue to provide the occasional species we do not always catch. This time it was a Mallard and even more of interest it was a retrap of one caught the last time the Haven was wet. There were nine new birds, all finches, namely six Chaffinches, two Greenfinches and a Bullfinch.

Thursday 23rd

No ringing today but two more Herring Gull colour ring sightings from our keen observer on Worth. The first was a first year bird at Pitsea, Essex on 3/12/16 and on Worth on 17/1/20.

The second was a second calendar year bird on 25/3/17 and on Worth on 19/1/20.

It maybe with the demise of the landfill site at Pitsea these birds are having to range around much further.

Wednesday 22nd

A cold and murky morning provided good ringing conditions. Thirty-seven birds were caught of which ten were new. This time the Robins were all retraps but there were seven indicating just how many are around.

Tuesday 21st

The promised settled week continued with a frosty, sunny, start. Yesterday was similar and ringing yielded 15 birds of which three were new including another Chiffchaff.

Today a new site, the Jubilee Fields, was tried and worked well with 19 birds, 17 of which were new. A Pied Wagtail was notable and nine new Robins a surprise.

Monday 20th

No news of activity today but an interesting recovery involving a Black-headed Gull. It was ringed as an adult at Herne Bay on 11/12/13 and found as a skeleton in Gotland, Sweden on 13/11/19.

Sunday 19th

I have been away for a while but some ringing continued when conditions allowed. It is a lot wetter out there than it has been for a long time, I have not seen the Haven so full for several years.

So far this month 29 birds were ringed, the highlights being a Water Rail and a Chiffchaff. Today 34 birds were caught of which ten were new. The new birds were all seed-eaters (one House Sparrow, three Greenfinches and six Chaffinches) perhaps a reflection of the cold after such a long mild spell. One of the retrap Chaffinches is now entering its tenth year.