Ringing Course.

We are running this course again from Thursday August 8th (pm) until Sunday August 11th (midday). It is aimed at existing permit holders in order to provide them with further experience or assessment for permit upgrades. Contact Ian Hunter at sbbotmail@gmail.com for details.

January 29th

It was a cold, crisp, start but there was no wind and so we could get a few nets up for a while. Thirty birds were caught of which 14 were new. Nine new Chaffinches included a couple of males with long wings (94 and 95) our local birds rarely go above 90mm. There were also two more Redwings.

A Reed Bunting caught last Friday in the Heligoland was eight years old, the oldest on the national database is nine years.

January 24th

A Water Rail was caught in the Heligoland in the morning; the second to be caught in the last few weeks after two years without any!

January 23rd

Although earlier forecasts for today were reasonable they kept going downhill in the last 24 hours. They almost kept up with the weather which was not suitable for ringing.

However news of two ring readings. The first is of the Ringed Plover which was ringed in Germany, details below

Charadrius hiaticula

DEW T008747


4.7.2017 as an adult female on nest at

Fastensee beach (north), Fehmarn, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

54.515297 N, 11.035743 E, (= https://binged.it/2MkKNHy)

last observation 2017: 10.7.2017



9.5.2018 – 5.8.2018 breeding bird at

Fastensee beach (south), Fehmarn, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

54.514933 N, 11.035345 N (= https://binged.it/2DRk6ZQ)

2 successful broods with at least 5 fledged chicks.

The second is of a Black-headed Gull which was ringed as an adult at Herne Bay on 16/02/2001 and read in the field on the 18th of this month in Herne Bay.

January 19th

Colour ringed Ringed Plover Sanwich Bay, Jan 2109 A. Weaving
Colour ringed Ringed Plover Sandwich Bay, Jan 2109 A. Weaving

This interesting bird was photographed on the beach on Thursday. We have not been able to find the project through the colour ringing portal yet but await with interest the information.

January 16th

Strong wind and then rain meant there was no ringing today. We kept warm by continuing the management work in the Whitehouse. If you would like to help do get in contact.

Final details have come through on another colour ring reading from the Ramsgate specialist. This time it is a Shag seen on 7/12/18 which had been ringed as a chick on the Isle of May on July 6th 2018. Apparently this is the furthest south one of their birds has ventured this year.

January 6th

There have been two sessions this year but it is very quiet. Twenty birds today included four new ones. The trickle of new Redwings continued with another bird.. The main emphasis at the moment is on maintenance work, Willow never knows when to stop growing.