January 25th

No ringing but maintenance work has continued apace. The boardwalk now needs only four more uprights before the horizontal work starts.

Thanks to the generosity of various donors we are now starting to replace some of the old, woodpecker hammered, nest boxes. Thank you to those who have donated and if you would like to help details are on the observatory Facebbok page. We still have lots of room for House Sparrow boxes and woodcrete-type pecker-proof boxes.

January 18th

The continuing calm and cold meant the ice on the Haven stream was over half a centimetre thick- it may not sound much but is notable for the  ‘soft south’.

Work continued on the boardwalk with central supporting poles going in. A start was also made on trimming some of the leggy growth in the Whitehouse. This will continue on Sunday morning all help is welcome.

News of a couple of interesting movements of Bay ringed birds came in today. The first is a Goldcrest which was ringed here on October 26th and caught by a ringer at Woolston Eyes, Warrington, 12 days later. A movement of 355 km but in a NW direction which is not what I would expect of a bird arriving here in the autumn.

The second is of a Sand Martin juvenile ringed on passage here ( there is no local colony) on July 10th 2016 and caught by another ringer at Roselier, Charente-Maritime, France 15 days later. A distance of 660km SSW. This is not an unexpected direction but serves to point out how early first brood Sand Martins start heading back to Africa.

January 17th

Very cold but sunny and calm. A successful morning with the usual work going on in the Haven and the final end pole was sledge hammered in so that is quarter of the job done.

The opportunity was also taken to do some ringing and 16 new birds were caught plus 29 retraps. Six Goldfinches were notable amongst the new birds. A Starling retrap had been ringed in 2010 as a one year old bird, but had not been seen since.

January 8th

Two quiet mornings with ten new birds on Friday and five today. This did include a Yellowhammer and a Chiffchaff plus four Chaffinches. This quiet period is very convenient as there is a large amount of management work to be done with a big effort on the Haven boardwalk already underway.