Sunday January 17th

Although there were reports of snow within 40 miles the day started overcast and cold and only slowly cleared. The lack of wind meant ringing could be attempted. As is often the case at this time of year retraps led the way with 23, including an overwintering Chiffchaff and Goldcrest. There were 5 new birds including 3 Greenfinches. It would be nice if numbers of these could build up, like they used to, but unlikely due to the decimation caused by disease.

Friday January 8th

After possibly only the 2nd hard frost of the winter heralded a bright, calm start, a few birds were caught totally 7 new and 8 retraps. This time a House Sparrow gained its individual colour ring as part of the RAS project.

Collared Dove DD by Becky Johnson
Collared Dove DD by Becky Johnson

Wednesday January 6th

The wind dropped and some nets were put up after the showers. The only reward was 2 new Blackbirds and a Song Thrush. However there was a late rush of Collared Doves into the Obs trap and 12 are now proudly sporting their new colour rings. Lets hope some are seen again.





Friday January 1st 

In between glugging mulled wine and scoffing sausage rolls and mince pies courtesy of Patrick and his band of providers we noticed several birds in the ringing room garden so we erected a net and managed to ring 4 Goldfinches and retrap 4 other birds including one of our colour ringed House Sparrows. (we did of course abide by our own hygiene policy!)

Best wishes for the New Year to all ringers and helpers and ringing observers.