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Ringing course-aimed at all licence grades. Thursday August 9th pm-Sunday 12th August midday. Details from

January 30th

The hoped for sunny, settled, morning arrived after a sharp frost. Conditions were good for ringing and 28 birds were processed including 16 new ones. Finches held onto top spot with five Chaffinches and four Goldfinches. There was another new Redwing. In the last couple of months there have been a couple of flocks of Long tailed Tits, most of which were retraps, today there were three new birds. With the generally mild weather tits are starting to display and maybe these are returning birds. If the forecast is correct the next few days could come as a bit of a shock.

January 28th

Two mornings of good conditions ( today and the 26th) resulted in mixed results. Thirty two birds were processed on the 26th ( including 11 new) but only ten today (including one new bird). two Redwing and two Fieldfares were the highlight on the 26th.

January 23rd

The details of the leg flagged Curlew have come through. It was ringed at Heacham, on the Wash, on 12/8/14 and subsequently sighted at Snettisham on 12/9/15 and 18/9/16. It was then photographed in fields near Pegwell on 26/11/17.

January 22nd

No ringing mostly due to the weather but details of a couple of interesting movements  have come through.

The first is more confirmation of the origins many of the Siskins which pass through. It was ringed here on September 8th 2015 and caught as an adult male in Dumfries and Galloway. This is 518km to the north-west.

The second was a Chiffchaff ringed here on March 21st 2017, presumably as a newly arrived migrant, and controlled just 15km to the south, at South Foreland, on September 2nd when it was presumably on its way south.

January 14th

In what might be the lull before the storm the team were keen to do some ringing. Thirty-seven birds were processed of which 17 were new. Chaffinches continued to appear and there were nine new ones. Let us hope they do not go the way of Greenfinch which used to be the most frequent to be ringed at this time of year. The fact that two Greenfinches were ringed was of note.

January 12th

Clear and calm so more ringers were tempted out. Forty-five birds were processed, 15 of these were new.

Chaffinch was most frequent with five new and eight retraps. Today all the tits were retraps (eight Blue and seven Great).

January 10th

After some rain well before dawn the day slowly developed into the lovely, calm, sunny day forecast. To add to this pleasant day the ringing was interesting. Fifty-six birds were processed of which 24 were new. There is some indication of birds moving. For instance there were nine new Chaffinchs,three Blue Tits and two Great Tits. Single Redwing, Fieldfare, Brambling and Chiffchaff added variety. A Goldfinch with a French scheme ring was the cherry on top of the cake.

January 9th

It always pays to check!

One of our members was clearing out some old photo files and found this photo of  a colour ringed Curlew from last November!!!

It had the same flag on each leg.

Interestingly I cannot locate the scheme on the CR-ringing website where all such schemes should be registered so we await full details.

Clour ringed Curlew Nick Smith 26/11/17
Colour ringed Curlew Nick Smith 26/11/17

January 5th

Although the BBC forecast threatened rain and hail by mid-morning the promise of a drier morning on another forecast was enough to tempt a couple of ringers out.  However the arrival of dark clouds from the NW meant a rapid retreat was in order. This was not before six new and 21 retraps were processed. Long-tailed Tits led the way with four new and 11 retraps. Goldcrests are still hanging around and three were retrapped.

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