Friday 31st

An extremely quiet day, with only a Goldfinch, a Reed Bunting plus a retrap and a retrapped Great Tit being caught.

 Saturday 25th

29 birds were caught today of which were mainly retraps, still, good for the trainees to train on.  A Chaffinch plus four retraps, a Great Tit, five Reed Buntings plus nine retraps, two retrapped Blue Tits, a retrapped Dunnock, three retrapped Goldfinches, a retrapped Greenfinch and two Robins.

 Friday 24th

23 birds were caught in the flooded ringing areas which were passable with care.  Four Chaffinches plus a retrap, a Greenfinch plus a retrap, a Great Tit plus three retraps, two House Sparrows, a Reed Bunting, five retrapped Blackbirds and three retrapped Blue Tits.

Monday 20th

A quiet days ringing with only 15 birds being caught including a Blackbird, four Chaffinches plus a retrap, a Goldfinch plus a retrap, a Song Thrush, a Starling, a retrapped Robin and four retrapped Blue Tits.

Sunday 19th

A good days ringing effort with 71 birds being caught today including; two Blackbirds plus two retraps, a Blue Tit plus two retraps, seven Chaffinches plus six retraps, a Dunnock, a Goldfinch, seven Greenfinches plus five retraps, three House Sparrows plus four retraps, 10 Reed Buntings and 14 retraps, a Woodpigeon and five retrapped Great Tits.

Friday 17th
Rain, rain, go away, come again another day! Need I say more?

Tuesday 14th
One new Dunnock! Two Goldfinches and retraps of Blackbird, Blue Tits, Reed Bunting and a Magpie.

Monday 13th
35 birds processed today a more encouraging session, a single Long-tailed Tit joined the species count – not sure where the rest of his party went as these little birds usually travel in flocks sometimes of mixed species so always worth having a quick look through your bins to see if there are any usual species amongst them.

Sunday 12th
Well its a bit of a struggle dreaming up something exciting to say about a retrap Robin, Great and Blue Tits and retrap Reed Buntings making a total of 9 birds BUT we tried!

Friday 10th
A considerably bigger catch of birds today with 21 retraps bumping up the grand total of 40 birds. No unusual species to mention but good to see a Reed Bunting and a small party of Greenfinches in the nets. We also caught our first Dunnock of the year but despite all ringers versed in the new ring size this individual already had its bling (retrap).

Sunday 5th
Following the weather experienced recently, this morning’s ringing was the first for 2014! Although the heavy rain has caused the Whitehouse to be flooded and the ringers were restricted to only putting up two nets in rides 6 and 7 – even then the depth of the water was considerable and one trainee was close to having the water flow over her wellies!
The morning resulted in 10 species including a re-trap coal tit (always a delight to see in the hand as they are surprisingly small), House Sparrow, Blackbird, Wren, Great Spotted Woodpecker, several tits Blue and Great (aged over 18 months) and Chaffinch that was ringed on 31st January, 2010, but today was the first time it had been re-trapped!
New birds were Song Thrush, Goldfinch and Chaffinch.