Friday 26th

A big thank you to the people who have already donated to our nest box appeal.

Tuesday 23rd

Now is normally the time when the final repairs are done to our nest boxes after the battering of winter. Unfortunately this year the team cannot do this. The photo below, taken by our Warden, shows what is happening to our very successful Kestrel nest box. The tree it is in died the previous winter and bits are beginning to fall off. The box is quite heavy and it would take several of the ringing team to move it safely. Also note the flooding in the ground around.

Kestrel nest box February 2021

Sunday 7th

Even if the team could ring the weather today would prevent any activity. Snow and ice has been forecast but it arrived late here with a soggy start, the main feature is the strength of the icy wind – just what the farmer did not want for the new-born lambs. No doubt everyone is busy feeding the birds and watching for colour rings.

Already an interesting recovery has come in. Overwintering Chiffchaffs are known for their site fidelity, sewage works being a favourite. A Chiffchaff ringed here as a bird of the year on October 27th 2019 was caught at Severn Sewage Works ,Worcestershire on December 27th the same year. This is 265 km WNW. It has reappeared there on January 10th this year.

Ringing at the Observatory has been postponed due to lockdown restrictions. Check back soon to see if we have any interesting news of bird movements. Scroll through our archives by using the drop down menu to the right.