Monday 29th February

As the wind dropped quickly at midday and we will not have the opportunity to ring on this date for another 4 years a couple of traps were set and 4 nets put up. 22 birds were caught with 10 new Starlings leading the way. One of these had a wing of 144mm which is 8mm more than you would expect for strong UK bred male. It was probably from a northern European population although it did not show the more purple sheen these birds often have.

Wednesday 24th February

A lovely day helped reward the effort with 23 new and 26 retrap birds. Chaffinch led the way with 5 new and 4 retraps. 4 new Great Tits reflected the good number that around the hedges at the moment. 2 Siskin perhaps indicate the start of the return of the big numbers that headed south in the autumn. A Coal Tit was also new for the year.

Friday 19th February

For the first time for a week we were able to get some nets up. 10 new and 7 retrap birds were processed. Two pairs of Long-tailed Tit were of interest as each consisted of a ringed and a new bird. One of the ringed birds was a control. There were also 2 new and 2 retrap House Sparrows to add to the colour ring project, one of the retraps had been ringed in September on Sandown Road. It would certainly seem the birds are not feeling under pressure for food as the feeders did not attract more. Frustratingly a singing Firecrest passed by the Oasis nets as they were taken down.

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