Sunday 20th

The weather remains very unsettled so no ringing possible.

An indication of how mild is in the photo below of one of our nest boxes. Normally it is Tree Bumblebees we get moving in but these appear to be Honeybees and they are still very active. Not sure if they will survive if it gets cold as there is not much room in a nest box for food stores.

Honeybees December 2020. S Walton

Tuesday 15th

A lovely, calm, mild, morning provided good conditions for some ringing activity. The mild weather means that the feeders are still fairly quiet and there were seven new and eight retrap birds. This did include the first Cetti’s Warbler of the year and a control Blue Tit. The lack of Cetti’s on the Estate has been a surprise this year as there are lots of territories nearby.

Friday 11th

Early rain prevented ringing activity but it improved mid-morning to allow some management activity.

The value of checking even the local gulls is shown by the following report. A ring was read from a photograph of a Black-headed Gull on Deal seafront at the end of November. It had been ringed as an adult in Deal on November 28th 2011. It is not a longevity record but is still a good record.

Wednesday 9th

Finally good conditions but four hours yielded only two new (Woodpigeon and Chaffinch) and six retrap birds. There is still plenty of food out in the fields and most finches were busy moving backwards and forwards away from the ringing area.

Friday 4th 

Circumstances and conditions have prevented ringing but news of movements continue to arrive. Two recent ones involve a Chiffchaff which was ringed in Waterford, Ireland on September 27th and controlled here on October 5th. There are only about 30 examples of such a movement. The other involves a Lesser Redpoll. I often wonder what they do after they have passed through here and in the past we have a number that have been recorded back on their breeding grounds, mostly to the NW, the following year. This one however was ringed here on October 5th and controlled at Lodge Hill, Kent, which is 62km WNW.