Friday December 18th

It might be incredibly mild but it is also often very windy and/or damp thus preventing much ringing. A small group of ringers on Monday cleared a large amount of willow growth from the Haven trapping area. Many thanks to Simon for his chain-saw skills and to the conservation team who helped remove the cuttings.

Ringing today resulted in 9 new and 13 retrap birds. 4 Goldfinch and 4 Long-tailed Tits plus a Robin made up the new birds.

Friday December 11th

Yet another marked change, after yesterdays unpleasant conditions and a glorious day on Wednesday, it calmed down but it remained overcast. One of the team was able to get some nets up but , unlike Wednesday, there was not a lot of activity and 5 new birds and 9 retraps were processed.

The marked increase in bird activity on Wednesday was reflected in the catch and 23 new birds were ringed.

Monday December 7th

Another lull gave pleasant conditions despite a short visit from some unforecast drizzle. The Elms are obviously the place, due to the amount of shelter, and the Whitehouse held little new. Seven new and 10 retrap birds were processed. The highlight being the young male Kestrel.

Age 3 male Kestrel by Sue Smith
Age 3 male Kestrel by Sue Smith


                                                                                                          Friday December 4th

The chance was taken to get a few nets up in a slight lull between gales. Six new birds and 6 retraps were processed. Four Lesser Redpoll led the way.

Wednesday December 2nd

Some ringing was possible despite the increasing breeze and 9 Lesser Redpoll were caught. The highlight was the replacement of the observatory crow trap box with this splendid construction by Emma.


New catching box observatory crow trap 2nd December 2015
New catching box observatory crow trap


House Sparrow red BCV by A Lipczynski
House Sparrow red BCV
by A Lipczynski










 Tuesday December 1st

No ringing today but this was photographed on the feeder outside the observatory. Having colour ringed more than 100 this year it is good to see them reappearing at last. So get recording!