BTO Ringing Course

The course is designed for people who already have a ringing permit but who would like additional experience or to be assessed for advancement.

It will run from Thursday 13th August (pm) until lunch on Sunday 16th August. The focus will be on passerines. The cost is £150 full board.

Anyone who would like more details should contact Ian Hunter via

At present we are still planning on having this course but we will have to wait for future Government guidelines. If it is cancelled we will refund.

Tuesday 28th

With the lockdown continuing the team cannot get in and so this will be the first spring for a long time when there is not any spring migrant ringing. On the positive side the last weeks settled weather has shown lots of common migrant warblers setting up territories so it would seem the ones which summer here have had a good winter survival. Reed Warblers and House Martins are now adding to that number.

As shown by yesterdays eagle sp sighting even the permitted exercise can show up interesting things. Last week a colour ringed gull was read and photographed on Worth. It had been ringed in a mixed colony of Herring and Caspian Gulls at Grabendorfer See in Germany and is entering its fourth year. It would appear that this bird might be a hybrid Caspian/Herring Gull.

Wednesday 15th

Red Kites have become a regular feature, particularly in the spring, and it is interesting to get a hint of some of their origins. Some of us are fortunate to have interesting areas of countryside next to us to walk during the lockdown. This time was not put to waste when a two of our members were walking in the wood at the back of their house near Ripple. Their dog found a dead Red Kite and they noticed the bird was ringed. We have just got the details back. It was ringed in Hampshire as a juvenile on August 8th 2018.

Friday 3rd

Although the team are in lockdown there is a trickle of recoveries coming in. Part of the latest patch are two Great Black-backed Gulls whose colour rings were read. The first was ringed as a pullus at Tjoren, Norway on 27/6/2019 and seen on Restharrow Scrape on 28/12/19, 840 km SW. The second was also ringed as a pullus this time at Graesholm ,Denmark in 2019 and also seen on the Scrape on March 14th 2020 about 880km SW.