April 26th

A calm start was quickly disrupted as the wind increased. Only four birds were ringed but two of these were Willow Warblers. This doubles this years catch; a very poor spring. This probably reflects the continuing decline in the south-east and also the clear overnight conditions which have helped birds keep on to their breeding sites.

April 24th

The first pullus of the year was ringed today – a Stock Dove.

April 23rd

A busy morning checking nest boxes and there is plenty of activity. In the tit nest boxes none of the broods were complete yet but Blue Tits seem to be working hard to make up for last years poor show.

April 22nd

Bright and sunny all morning with just thin high cloud. Eleven birds were ringed, this included another new Song Thrush and a new Blackbird. Definite migrants arriving included the first Whitethroat of the year, another Blackcap, three Chiffchaffs and a stunning male Firecrest. The latter have been very thin on the ground this year so far.

April 19th

As the daytime temperature shoots up it would seem that migrants continue to arrive but not stop on thier way to their territories. Sixteen birds included eight new ones of which three Blackcaps, a Willow Warbler and a Chiffchaff were new in. A re-trap Lesser Whitethroat was of note and is hopefully returning to breed here for a second year.

April 14th

The good thing about this morning was the enthusiasm of the team which assembled. Sadly it remained quiet with one each of Robin, Blackbird and Greenfinch the only new birds.

April 13th

More attention will be turning to nests particularly as the first sitting Starlings have been found.

News of a typical Siskin movement. A bird ringed here on October 3rd 2018 has been controlled near Peebles on the Borders on March 24th this year.

April 12th

With the continuing easterly migrants continue to fly straight over intent on reaching their breeding sites. Nine birds were caught today of which a Long-tailed Tit and a Chaffinch were new.

April 10th

No ringing possible due to the strength of the easterly but the new crow trap continues to be built with the first section of roof going on today.

April 8th

Another overcast, murky, morning but the breeze was light enough for some nets to go up. Fourteen birds were caught of which seven were new. This included a Blackcap, a Chiffchaff and the first Willow Warbler of the year.

April 7th

The rain held off until mid-morning allowing the team to get the nets up for a while. Nineteen birds were caught of which eight were new. There were no spring arrivals amongst this group.

April 6th

A challenge for anyone reading this. There is a Collared Dove nesting by Sandwich station and it has a blue colour ring which it would be good to read. It can be seen from platform 2 if you look diagonally across the first bench, at just above railing height, in a thin tree with ivy.

April 5th.

A very quiet week with catches staying resolutely in  single figures with todays one new Song Thrush plus retraps of Chaffinch, Robin and House Sparrow being the quietest.

News of two movements both involving Lesser Redpolls. The first was an adult ringed here on November 2nd 2016 and controlled on March 20th this year at Rowney Wood, Essex. So it was heading out in 2016 but was it wintering or returning in 2019?

The second was also an adult this time ringed here on October 24th 2018 and controlled at Worplesdon, Surry on March 26th this year.