Sandwich Bay has long been celebrated for its flora and fauna. This has been recognised in its designation as a SSSI and a Special Area of Conservation.

There is still plenty to be discovered but recent studies of Hymenoptera and shield bugs for instance have revealed a number of rare and specialised species. Twenty plus species of shield bug, 18 species of bumblebee and 102 species of solitary bee have been identified so far. This includes the Dusky-horned Nomad Bee a new species for the United Kingdom in 2018.

Sightings of insects, reptiles, amphibians and other invertebrates are recorded here. If you are lucky you might spot a common lizard basking in the sun, or slow worms sliding away or a host of invertebrates across the woods and marshes.

July 9th

An indication of hte humidity of last night was the presence of a Great Silver Diving Beetle in the moth trap.

July 7th

Most of the Lizard Orcids are well over now but there are still Pyramidal Orchids and Marsh Helleborines showing. The display of Yellow Bartsia around the banks of the Scrape is impressive.

A walk along a windy seafront produced the distinctive Eyed Ladybird.