Meet Nigel... I was born in the midlands near Birmingham and moved to Broadstairs in 1953 to find the garden was a field of wheat and the railway ran at the back of the garden. My first experience on entering the garden was disturbing a covey of Partridge to be quickly followed a steam train rumbling past. With the beach a few hundred yards away, I’d arrived in heaven.

From an early age I had had an interest in the natural world, but it was only in 2008 that I stumbled on the Observatory during a walk from Worth to Sandwich Bay. I decided to investigate and ended up joining. My knowledge of birds, and other flora and fauna of the Bay was very limited, so I immediately joined evening classes and summer walks. I was hooked.

I later became a trustee and only relinquished the role in 2019. However, I still wanted to help, so have continued to edit BayNews. As for my professional career. I trained as a Biomedical Scientist ending up running the Automated Pathology section at QEQM, Margate. My main interest now is photographing birds and other wild life and flora. Occasionally one is even good enough to put in BayNews or the Annual report.

It has been wonderful to see how the Observatory has developed recently. Long may it continue to do so.

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