Monday 30th

Another windy start to the night but it did calm down and there were 410 moths of 25 species. Although the variety was down some of the regulars kept the overall number up (e.g. 109 Setaceous Hebrew Characters, 97 Large Yellow Underwings and 95 Lunar Underwings). Delicates kept up their amazing run with another 12 and their were eleven Black Rustics.

Sunday 29th

It seemed windier and was certainly wetter but the cloud kept the temperature just above 10°C. It was another 400+ catch. Highlights included two Convolvulus Hawkmoths, another Box Tree moth and the first Deep-brown Dart of the autumn.

Saturday 28th

Despite the strong wind dropping the temperature down to 9.1°C, cloud helped the catch and there were 473 moths of 35 species in the car park and 94 of 19 by the feeders. This gave a good range of autumn moths to look at in the evening. These included Box Tree Moth, Dusky Lemon Sallow and Barred Sallow – all new for the year. We also had our 4th ever Caloptilia rufipennella. The moths that we think of as mainly migrants included Clancy’s Rustic, Pearly Underwing, Diamondback and 12 Delicates.

Friday 27th

The rain held off and the breeze dropped enough for a catch of 349 moths of 23 species in the car park and 94 moths of 14 species by the feeders. The car park had four more Delicates, a Scarce Bordered Straw, five L-album Wainscots and the first three Feathered Brindles of the year. The feeders had four more Delicates, a Vestal and the first Mallow of the year.

Thursday 26th

After the previous two nights were blown and rained off, the trap ventured out as the breeze dropped for a while and the showers were lighter. The cloud kept the temperature above 13.8°C.

There was a good catch of 363 moths of 35 species. This included the first Clancy’s Rustics (2) of the year. There were also nine Delicates, 20 Bright-line Brown-eyes, two Scarce Bordered Straws and a Pearly Underwing. It holds out hope for Saturdays moth night.

Monday 23rd

The weather is getting more unsettled but it was still warm enough for 349 moths of 41 species. Two Black Rustics were new for the year. There was also a Palpita vitrealis and 28 more Bright-line Brown-eyes.

Sunday 22nd

The cloud overnight kept the temperature above 14°C and the catch increased to more than 300 moths. Beaded Chestnut and Autumnal Rustic were new for the year. A Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet was a scarce record for here but follows on from two earlier this summer. There was also the first Garden Carpet from in the trap (there have been one or two field sightings).

Migrant related moths were well represented with Convolvulus Hawk-moth, Dark Sword-grass and eight Delicates. The origins of 29 Bright-line Brown-eyes, a Golden Twin-spot, and a Beautiful Hook-tip were less predictable.

Saturday 21st

A bit more south in the stiff breeze kept the temperature above 12.8°C and gave a slight increase to 154 moths of 26 species.

Seven Delicates and a Scarce Bordered Straw were of note. Two Brown-spot Pinions were the first for the year.

Friday 20th

Another clear sky as the wind moved to south-east. There were only 46 moths of 16 species, including yet another Scarce Bordered Straw. Setaceous Hebrew Character (13) was knocked off top spot by Square-spot Rustic (15).

Thursday 19th

With it being a clear night with a NE breeze and low overnight temperature the omens were not good. And sure enough only 79 moths of 18 species were in the trap. The first Large Wainscot of autumn put in an appearance, as did a single Scarce Bordered Straw.

Wednesday 18th

A cool NE breeze restricted the catch to 97 moths of 20 species. A very fresh Frosted Orange was the highlight.

Tuesday 17th

Although it was three degrees cooler the catch only dropped 20 to 213 moths of 37 species. The fresher feeling breeze ensured there was no sign of migration but a Pink-barred Sallow was the first for the year.

Monday 16th

It clouded over quickly at night and this had two benefits – 1 the moon did not outshine the trap and 2 it was twice as warm as the previous night at 15.9°C. The catch increased to 232 moths of 40 species. There was the first Lunar Underwing of the year and a dark Pinion-streaked Snout raised hopes for a minute.

Sunday 15th

With a clear sky and an extremely bright harvest moon it was no surprise the catch was down to 61 moths of 16 species. One of these was a Convolvulus Hawk-moth. A Vapourer was seen at Roaring Gutter on Worth.

Saturday 14th

No main trap last night but one on Sandown Road yielded a Hoary Footman.

Friday 13th

Two traps run last night. The car park had 300 moths of 37 species and the feeders catch was 243 of 43 species. The first trap had 15 Diamondbacks, a Delicate and the first Sallow of the autumn. The second trap had 23 Diamondbacks, a Delicate and a Scarce Bordered Straw. During the day our first Vapourer of autumn was seen along the Haven.

Thursday 12th

A clearer night sky only brought about a drop of 1°C but the catch was down to 209 of 34 species.

Eleven Diamondbacks and singles of Pearly Underwing, Scarce Bordered Straw and Delicate were all related to migration at some time although the current NW breeze is not helping fresh migration.

Wednesday 11th

Last night remained cloudy and this kept the temperature above 12°C. Moths increased to 359 of 47 species. One hundred and twelve Setaceous Hebrew Characters were closely followed by 97 Large Yellow Underwings. Related to migration at some time were two Scarce Bordered Straws, seven Silver-Ys and three Diamondbacks. A Lesser Treble-bar and a Sandy Carpet were probably late broods.

Sunday 8th

Sixty seven of the 134 moths were Setaceous Hebrew Characters. There was another Latticed Heath and a late Oblique-striped.

Friday 6th

Similar conditions saw the catch fall to 123 of 24 species. There are still a few Hummingbird Hawk-moths around during the warm sunny spells during the day.

Thursday 5th

The cool, dry, breezy nights continue and the catch reduced to 247 of 37 species. One hundred and three of these were Setaceous Hebrew Characters. There was also a Delicate and seven Feathered Gothics.

Feathered Gothic. 5/9/2019. I Hunter
Feathered Gothic. 5/9/2019. I Hunter

Wednesday 4th

Although the temperature did not drop below 15.3°C a strong breeze reduced the catch to 319 moths of 40 species. The Latticed Heaths were noticeable by their total absence.

Tuesday 3rd

Last night was cloudy and nearly twice as warm at 12.8°C. The total thus increased to 561 moths of 61 species. Two Convolvulus Hawk-moths, 18 Latticed Heaths, 21 Diamondbacks, a Delicate and a Palpita vitrealis indicated a bit of movement. Although we are still hoping for our first Clifden Nonpareil of the year one did make it nearby to Eastry.

Two very fresh Poplar Hawk-moths indicated the next generation of these emerging.

Monday 2nd

With the temperature down to 6.5°C it was no surprise the catch was down to 263 moths of 39 species. Centre-barred Sallow was new for the year and there were 13 Diamondbacks and four Latticed Heaths.