Wednesday 30th

The onset of increasingly frisky easterlies may have helped the westward progress of Yellow-browed Warblers but it has done nothing for moth numbers, with only around 30 for the last two nights. Still, Barred Sallow was new for the year last night.

Friday 25th

Mallow and Autumnal Rustic appeared last night, more or less on cue for the time of year.

Monday 21st

Two more autumn specials – Sallow and Dusky-lemon Sallow were amongst last night’s collection.

Sunday 20th

Tebenna micalis on fleabane by Francis Solly
Tebenna micalis on fleabane by Francis Solly

A new micro for the Observatory list, the scarce immigrant Tebenna micalis was swept from fleabane in the Whitehouse by Francis Solly today, and here it is, just to show that size doesn’t necessarily matter!

Saturday 19th

Last night’s new macros for the year were all autumn specialities – Pink-barred Sallow, the subtly beautiful Black Rustic and Tawny Pinion.

Tuesday 15th

Despite some heavy and squally showers overnight single Small Mottled Willow and Scarce Bordered Straw succumbed to the lure of the MV lamp.

Saturday 12th

To coincide with National Moth Night this year we have been colour-marking some migrant and partial migrant moths, such as Large Yellow Underwing. If you see one, please let us know, stating the position of the red mark. Having done this exercise before when Badger was around we know that recapture rates (at the site where they are marked) are extremely low, but they must go somewhere!

Today’s news is that an outstanding year for immigrant moths became even better last night with the appearance of only our fourth Great Brocade; the first since 1996.

Tuesday 8th

Last night brought a slight improvement in temperature and a better catch than recently, which included a very tatty Convolvulus Hawk-moth.

Friday 4th

The last few nights have been pretty cold – down to just over 8 degrees – so numbers and variety have been well reduced, with diminishing numbers of Vestals, a couple of second generation Engrailed and a Red Underwing of note. A photo of last week’s Beautiful Marbled has just reached, so here it is, with thanks to John Knowler.

Tuesday 1st

The final session of August was not helped by the onset  of a NW airflow, but it did produce the first Feathered Gothic of the autumn. Common but very smart.