Red-green Carpet, not recorded this spring, November Moth and the Bay’s first ever Autumnal Moth (probably overlooked in the past) were recorded last night.


With no records earlier in the year, a Chestnut was new for the year.


The southerly airflow, which by the weekend is forecast to originate from as far as the Azores, continues to produce some interesting migrants. Last night a Gem was recorded, together with the Bay’s first ever RED SWORD-GRASS, which is very scarce in the county and is assumed to be an immigrant.


Another Convolvulus Hawk-moth was trapped last night in a catch of over a hundred moths; the best so far this month.


Merveille du Jour by Andrew Lipczynski
Merveille du Jour by Andrew Lipczynski

Torrential rain moved northward from France overnight, bringing a stunningly beautiful Merveille du Jour , surely one of the most attractive of moths to occur in the British Isles.


Things have been extraordinarily quiet in the recent stroppy weather, with fewer than 20 moths on most nights, but last night brought a modest improvement, with a total of 25 moths including the first Green-brindled Crescent of the autumn. This brings the totalof macros recorded at the Bay this year to 380.


Barred Sallow was recorded for the first time this year last night, along with 24 Feathered Brindle, a species whose numbers have gone through the roof in the last two years.