November 27th

The carpark was out again last night in hope for a few late surprises. Only three species made it into the trap; Acleris hastiana, three Mottled Umbers, and three Winter Moths.

November 24th

It’s an excellent year for new species at Sandwich Bay and it continues to get better. News has just come in that two interesting worn Pugs sent away for genital dissection earlier this year have been confirmed as Sloe Pug and Ochreous Pug. Both new for SBBOT! Also in were confirmed records of Tawny Marbled Minor and Common Rustic, and the first confirmed records of Cnephasia incertana, Syncopacma larseniella, and Breckland Plume.

November 17th

A few familiar faces in the trap again last night despite temperatures dropping to 4.2°C. Of interest though were four Dark Sword-grasses and late records of Vine’s Rustic and Dark Arches.

November 16th

A foggy and drizzly night but with the wind still coming from the south i thought i’d give it another go, especially after yesterday’s results. Four Diamondbacks, Turnip, Dark Sword-grass, Rush Veneer, and Vestal all imply some form of migration is still ongoing.

November 15th

In view of the continued mild southerlies two traps were tempted out at the Obs last night. The carpark trap held ten different species, a high diversity for this time of year. The highlight inside was a pristine female Gem. The trap by the feeders was starkly different with just one moth inside. However, what a moth it was, a Sprawler no less. It may have been a little worn and worse for wear but we don’t mind as it’s a new species for Sandwich Bay (our 10th new macro this year!).

November 9th

It remained mild, above 7°C, but was windy. No moths stuck their antennae above the parapet.

November 6th

Another mild night resulted in 33 moths of 15 species. Red-line Quaker led the way with six. A Delicate and a Diamondback were of note. It looks as if the next two nights are not going to be suitable for trapping here.

November 5th

With the temperature back up to 7.6°C there were some moths back. There were 25 of 12 species. It was ones and twos of the usual suspects but there was one Diamondback hanging on.

November 3rd

I foolishly thought it was going to get milder again and so the trap was put out. However car windows were icing up by 2100 and the sky remained clear. The temperature dropped to -0.2°C and there was a heavy frost. Moths were sensible and none were anywhere near the trap.