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Friday 27th

After a long spell of frustratingly wet/stormy/cold nights last night relented enough to allow the capture of December Moth and Winter Moth, bringing our macro species total for the year to a very respectable 349. A couple of Silver-y were also recorded.

Saturday 14th November

Looking at the forecast it may be a while before the trap can be run again and so we went out in a blaze of glory with exactly zero moths last night. The temperature did dip to 5.4’C the lowest for a few weeks.

Friday 13th November

Despite the continued mild spell,although the night-time minimum was just below 9′ C, the wind suppressed activity and there was only one moth in the trap, a Large Wainscot. If anyone is an expert on Yellow Dung Flies then there are still loads of these coming to the trap.

Thursday 12 th November

The mild weather continues to tempt a few moths out. There was another Rusty-dotted Pearl and a Blair’s Shoulder-knot was new for the year.

Wednesday 11th November

Despite at least two hours of unforecast rain it remained mild and the wind dropped a bit. Seven moths of seven species were caught including a Silver Y and a Rusty-dotted Pearl.

Monday 9th November

Two Gems, 2 Dark Swordgrass and a Silver Y demonstrate the continued mild spell. It looks as if a battering from the wind will be the limiting factor.

Sunday 8th November

Although the temperature dropped to 5.4 centigrade last night there were still 19 moths in the trap, probably as a result of the mild day time temperatures and the fact the night before it only dropped to 13.4 (the trap could not be run that night due to the strength of the wind). A Rush Veneer and a Rusty Dotted Pearl further emphasised the mild weather.

Friday 6th November

Yet more rain overnight restricted the catch even though the temperature did not drop below 13.3 C. A Dark Swordgrass was the only slightly notable moth.

Thursday 5th November

Overnight drizzle restricted the trap to 8 species but this included 2 Silver Ys and a Rush Veneer.

Wednesday 4th November

The mild weather continues to provide a bit of variety. Last night 15 species were recorded but none reached double figures. A Rush Veneer and a Dark Swordgrass may well have been progeny from the summer influx but a male Gem could well have been new in.

Monday 2nd November

A foggy start to the month was quite productive, with 2 Vestals and 3 Dark Swordgrass in the trap last night; if not actually immigrants then the results thereof.