The overnight session produced no fewer than 78 macro moths: not exactly record-breaking but a good deal better than any night so far this spring. New species for the year included White Point, Smoky and Common Wainscots, Blood-vein and Small Square-spot, together with the local micro Thisanotia chrysonuchella.


An Oak Hook-tip was found on the Observatory window this morning.


A pristine example of Mother Shipton at New Downs this morning.


A total of 43 moths last night represented the best night of the year so far, with new species including Chinese Character, Sandy and Garden Carpets, Marbled Minor, the rather irregular Clouded Brindle and Least Black Arches.


No trap in operation last night, but a couple of dozen Small China-marks in watery spots on Worth this morning.


After a couple of pretty dreadful nights last night’s session produced ten moths, among which were the first Green Carpet and Setaceous Hebrew Character of the year.


Last night was notable, if that’s an appropriate word given that just ten moths presented themselves for inspection, for a Turnip and the first record since 2006 of Pale-shouldered Brocade.


As overnight conditions began to improve, Spectacle, White Ermine and Light Brocade were recorded on the 15th and last night brought first records of Iron Prominent, Common Wave, Treble Lines, Buff-tip, Heart & Dart and Pale Mottled Willow, though numbers remain very low for the time of year.


To quote Marvin, the paranoid android in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, there it goes and does. Last night’s haul of moths totalled 3, though one of them was our first Poplar Hawk-moth of the year. There was also late news of Lead-coloured Pug in the Whitehouse and Buttoned Snout in the Elms, both on the 5th.


The days continue to better the nights, with Yellow Belle in the Oasis this morning, but only 11 moths in the MV trap last night.


The emergence of day-flying species continued with a Red Twin-spot Carpet in the Elms this morning, following an overnight session that included the first Brimstone, Rustic Shoulder-knot, Pale Prominent and Vine’s Rustic of the year.


Just to put us back in our places, last night’s session produced just five moths, though a Silver-y was found on the Estate this morning coinciding with the appearance of 2 Painted Lady butterflies.


A slow improvement has continued over the last few days, with Small Clouded Brindle on the 8th, Pebble and Swallow Prominents and Bright-line Brown-eye on the 9th and Grass Rivulet at New Downs New Pool and Fox Moth and Latticed Heath on the Estate and golf course this morning.


Numbers continue to be appalling and even an overnight minimum of just under ten degrees failed to produce more than 3 moths, though one of them was the first V-Pug of the season.